A hotspot in Andhra Pradesh that is gaining popularity, particularly among hill station enthusiasts. A tiny hamlet in AP with lush vegetation everywhere would undoubtedly entice visitors. The surrounding area is surrounded by hills and deep forest, so you will experience both nature and the greatest hospitality in India at this wonderful place. This Indian tourism destination is a perennial favorite among nature enthusiasts.

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Lambasingi village is an unusual magnificence and picturesque center in the Eastern Ghats of Chintapalli Mandal in Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh. This well-known hamlet is dubbed the “Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh.” It is one of the unique spots to visit in December in South India. Snowfall in winter makes Lambasingi, like other cities, a distinctive destination for tourists.

Lambasingi is also known as ‘Korra Bayalu,’ which means “if someone stays out in the open at night, they would freeze like a stick by morning.” This lovely resort is endowed with natural riches and offers a variety of tourist attractions and attractive places to visit.

Lambasingi is a hamlet in the Andhra Pradesh state of Visakhapatnam. This little town is located 1000 meters above sea level. As a result, the region is significantly colder than the rest of Visakhapatnam. Lambasingi is famous for its tea and coffee plantations. This area is teeming with a diverse range of animals, vegetation, and fauna. The region has earned the title “Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh.”

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Lambasingi is the only spot in Southern India where snowfall occurs occasionally throughout the winter. Even in seasons other than winter, sunlight does not reach the ground until after 10 a.m. The most important aspect of this town is that the temperature in winter falls below 0 °C. Because of the chilly air flow, December and January are the two most challenging months in this region.

However, snow falls seldom in this location, and the temperature is constantly below 10 degrees throughout the year. The town has a distinct climate from the rest of the state’s cities. The sun rises at the same time every day, although it does not reach the town until after 10 a.m., except during winter. After 12 p.m. in the winter, the sun becomes less brilliant.

However, the light gets shorter after 3 p.m. every day since the area fills with heavy fog after that time.

Sometimes the temperature dropped below one degree. Subzero temperatures were last observed at Lambasingi in December 2008 and January 2011.

Lambasingi snow
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Chintapalli, a neighboring forest hill station, is another tourist destination. Tajangi Valley is the most popular attraction in Chintapalli. Lambasingi’s primary source of revenue comes from coffee and pepper crops. However, tourism is growing in this town, so the future seems promising. This Indian tourist destination is well-known for producing the greatest coffee and pepper in the world.

While there are no entertainment choices in Lambasingi when the sun goes down, you might eat some local food and go to bed early, since no trip to Lambasingi is complete without walking to the spectacular viewpoint. There are a couple of ways to get to the viewpoint, one of which claims to be the fastest approach to the summit.

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People frequently get up as early as 4 a.m. in order to see the sunrise from the viewpoint. Though the walk is exhausting, you will be astonished to see the dawn once you reach the summit. Just make sure it isn’t a gloomy morning so you can get the ideal display image!

Lambasingi trek
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If you’re searching for partying, nightlife, and entertainment, Lambasingi isn’t the place for you. If you’re looking for a tranquil, quiet vacation with breathtaking vistas and plenty of picture opportunities, Lambasingi is the place to be. In Lambasingi, two days would sufficient. You may also get fresh dragon fruit, pineapples, and apples from farms, depending on the season. Coffee and pepper are also available for purchase. Because of connectivity difficulties, if you plan a trip to Lambasingi, you will have enough of “me time,” as well as the chance to spend quality time with your loved ones. However, wear masks, keep a safe distance, and exercise hand hygiene because the COVID-19 epidemic is not yet ended.

If you’re looking for a trip to Lambasingi, keep reading. The sites you must visit in Lambasingi are listed below.

Kothapally Waterfalls

Kothapally waterfalls
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The Kothapally Waterfalls are a must-see sight in Lambasingi. Admire the magnificence of this waterfall and relax in its tranquil surroundings. The tranquil sound of water running down the stream will make an indelible impression on your mind and emotions. Monsoons are the greatest season to visit Kothapally Falls because the water level at the foot of the cascade rises, providing a breathtaking view of the waterfall.

Thajangi Reservoir, Lambasingi

Thajangi Reservoir
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One of the greatest locations to visit near Lambasingi is the reservoir. The reservoir, set in a tranquil setting and flanked by steep mountains and foggy meadows, provides breathtaking views. It’s a great picnic location where tourists can enjoy breathtaking views of the hills while snacking on tasty treats and taking in the natural splendor. The ambiance here is lovely enough to provide you with tremendous mental and spiritual calm.


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Bojjannakonda is a collection of six rock-cut caverns that date back to the 4th and 9th centuries. The location is one of India’s most popular Buddhist temples. A vacation to Andhra Pradesh, Lambasingi, would be incomplete if you did not see this tourist attraction. The ancient structures are surrounded by strange paddy fields, making the location both intriguing and wonderful. The beautifully crafted sculptures of Gautam Buddha are the major attraction and are religiously significant. The Archaeological Survey of India presently looks after the site.