Curry leaves or Kadi Patta is the heart of so many Indian cuisines. The aroma and striking taste of curry leaves attract a person from a distance. These aromatic leaves can be easily found in every kitchen garden in India. And the south Indian cuisines are completely incomplete without the curry leaves. Moreover, with their aroma and taste, curry leaves have made their way to many Asian Kitchens.

They are now overruling the hearts of so many. However, curry leaves have many amazing benefits, too, then the sweet aroma and distinct flavor. The curry leaves are packed with nutrients and essential components such as minerals, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. Isn’t this surprising that a tiny leaf with a sweet aroma and flavor has many benefits? But it does have, if you also want to know about these benefits of curry leaves, then keep reading!

curry leaves
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Benefits of curry leaves in weight loss- This surprising benefit of curry leaves is needed by so many of us and, i.e., shredding of those extra kilos. Curry leaves can be a good option to aid weight loss. The presence of Carbazole alkaloids in the curry leaves helps prevent the gaining of weight and also helps in regulating the levels of cholesterol in the body. And to avail, this benefit of the curry leaves, add dried or fresh curry leaves in the meals and salads with a little bit of exercise.

Benefits of curry leaves in relieving morning sickness and nausea- Morning sickness is a common issue women face in their first trimester of pregnancy. This problem, too, can be solved by the consumption of a few curry leaves. Curry leaves help a lot in relieving the morning sickness, and nausea as curry leaves helps in increasing the digestive secretions and hence relieve nausea and vomiting.

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Benefits of curry leaves in diabetics- Curry leaves are of great help for patients suffering from diabetics. It has been found that curry leaves can reduce the levels of blood glucose effectively. Moreover, these curry leaves offer protection to the pancreas’ insulin-producing cells and prevent the damage that can be caused by the free radicals. And this all happens because of the presence of the minerals like iron, copper, and zinc in the curry leaves. Hence, the consumption of curry leaves is beneficial for patients with diabetes.

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Benefits of curry leaves in reducing the stress- We all need a stress buster as there is not even a single person on this planet who doesn’t face stress. But thanks to the benefits of curry leaves as it helps a lot in reducing stress. This all happens due to the calming effect of the aroma of these curry leaves. There is a presence of linalool in the curry leaves, and studies have proved that inhaling the linalool can help in reducing stress levels.

Benefits of curry leaves in stimulating hair growth- Who doesn’t love to flaunt long hair? However, it is very difficult to make hair grow and to take proper care of it. But curry leaves can stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth with normal pigment. Curry leaves are well capable of treating -dandruff and prevent the loss of hair and premature greying of the hair.

Benefits of curry leaves in healing wounds, burns, and skin eruptions- The properties of curry leaves make them an ingredient that leaves almost no room empty. And hence, curry leaves can be used in healing burns, wounds, and skin infections too. The curry leaves can be grounded into a smooth paste and then directly applied over the affected areas. The presence of Carbazole alkaloid compound in the curry leaves speeds up the process of healing. Also, curry leaves are of great help in sealing the gap and restoration of the hair in the affected area.

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Benefits of curry leaves in treating dysentery, diarrhea, and constipation- Curry leaves are of great help when treating dysentery, constipation, and diarrhea. Curry leaves can stimulate the digestive enzymes and support bowel movement too. This helps in treating the upset stomach and other issues such as diarrhea, constipation, and dysentery. To benefit from curry leaves, grind a few curry leaves, add them to the buttermilk, and drink it on an empty stomach. Also, you can consume the dried curry leaves with an empty stomach to avail this benefit of curry leaves.

Benefits of curry leaves in maintaining eyesight- The richness of vitamin A in the curry leaves helps solve the problems related to the eyes while maintaining eyesight. Curry leaves also help in preventing the onset of cataracts too. For good eyesight, curry leaves can be one of the best options to inculcate in the daily routine.