Everybody needs a vacation to relieve all the stress. And suppose you are also looking for one such vacation. In that case, there is a perfect option waiting for you in Darjeeling, i.e., Dooars. A journey through its widely spread lush green tea garden that is separated by meandering majestic silvery mountain streams, rolling hill slopes, quiet ethnic small villages, high Sal forests, vast meadows with a blue outline of the great Himalayan ranges in the horizon of the endless sky will mesmerize you inside out.

Dooars lie in the foothills of the Himalayas possesses great natural beauty. The number of magnificent hill streams cutting across the green carpet of tea gardens, the richness of wildlife and forests, undulating plains, and the low hills rising from the rivers is such a spellbinding experience that can’t even be described in words. A visit to Dooars, the getaway of Bhutan, and the entire North East India can give you memories and experiences for a lifetime.



Dooars, a beautiful valley, are the floodplains of Northern Bengal and Eastern Assam. The boundary of the western Dooars is formed by the river Teesta. However, the eastern valley of Dooars is formed within Assam but is not clearly defined. The best part of Dooars is that it is the kingdom of Bhutan in the north, and to its south, it is the kingdom of Bangladesh. In India’s Bengal, the area of Dooars extends from the Teesta river on the west to the Sankosh river on the east. The area of Dooars roughly covers the area of 130 kilometers by 40 kilometers.

The name Dooars has been derived from ‘doors’ or ‘Dwars’ because the region is the gateway to Bhutan and northeast India. Also, one of the most interesting facts related to the name of Doars is that it is said there are 18 gates or “dwars” to Bhutan from Dooars. Still, so many of them are in use, and also, all the road connections to Bhutan from India go from Doaars only.


Doaars is a perfect place for nature lovers. It is a paradise for its tourists, and there are so many places to visit Doaars to get immense pleasure and relieve all the stress. So, here is the list of some must-visit places in Dooars so that you can’t miss any of them and have a memorable trip-


buxa tiger reserve

One of the best places to visit on your Dooars tour is Buxa Tiger Reserve. And the Buxa Tiger Reserve is the tiger reserve to reportedly has the second-highest number of tigers in West Bengal after the Sunderbans. However, the spotting of tigers has become a little difficult in recent years. But in reserve, you can also spot Indian Bison, elephants, leopards, snakes, types of deer, etc. You can enter the forest from a place called. 

Rajabhatkhawa is only about an hour away with a drive from Madarihat. You can also have a ride of Jungle Safari inside the reserve to better glimpse the reserve.


Dalgon is a serene village that lies in the North Bengal in Dooars. It is a beautiful, small and quiet village in Dooars that will give you immense pleasure and peace. If you are a nature lover, then this village is the perfect treat for you. However, the village is less traveled by the people but is one of the best places to explore during your Dooars tour. The favorable climatic conditions of the place add to its beauty.

The village is so full of flowers throughout the year. The village is one of the most beautiful places in Dooars to explore. The beautiful wooden houses with the stepwise landscape are covered with pine trees and flowers. The village is situated at an elevation of 2500 feet above sea level.

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samsing dooars

One of the most attractive places to visit during the Dooars tour. The place lies 24 kilometers away from the Malbazar. The river Murti flows through the area that ultimately adds to the beauty of the place. The most interesting part of the place is its oranges. The super delicious oranges are grown in the area and can be easily seen all over the place. However, it is an untouched destination but is one of the most attractive places to visit in Dooars.


Another National Park in Dooars to pay a visit during the Dooars trip. The National park has a vast grassland and riverside forests. Besides the Elephants and Rhinos, the national park is famous for so many varieties of faunal species and also the threatened ones. If you love to see different kinds and species of birds, the place will serve you the best. You can find various birds from Fishing Eagle and Crested Eagle to Pied hornbill and Bengal Florican.

Also, from the national park, you can visit a nearby forest, the Chipata forest. The major attraction here is the ruins of the ancient castles. And if you are lucky enough, you will get to see the Indian leopards and Bison in the region.


How can you miss Sisamara during your Dooars tour? The serene, pleasant, and tranquil environment on the banks of the river Shisamara is a heaven-like feeling. The place is so perfect for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Moreover, the place is far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. And the best part of the place is that it offers a chance for a closer look at rhinos. Isn’t this amazing that you get to witness the peace, amazing views, and rich wildlife at a place? So, don’t miss this place during your Dooars tour!