Dates are one of the most popular fruits consumed for very long and are loved by so many people around the globe. The history of the dates back to the time around 5320 BC. Dates are used as a staple item for the people living in the middle east and North Africa. Dates are also cultivated mostly in these regions and hence are widely consumed in these areas.

Dates are also used as the fruit used to open the fast during the iftaari at the time of the sacred month of Ramadan. Besides being a great fruit and a solution for the sweet tooth, dates serve as a highly beneficial ingredient for the whole body. This is all because of the presence of macronutrients and other essential components. 

The list of the benefits of dates is a long one, and hence dates need to get on the list of a daily diet. You must wonder how a tiny fruit can have such a long list of benefits, but it does have, and this blog will make you believe that for sure. So, to get acquainted with that list, keep reading…. 

benefits of dates
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Before proceeding to the benefits of dates, it is important to know about dates a little. Dates are basically a fruit, or you can say a tropical fruit that is grown on the date palm tree. Dates, scientifically known as Phoneix Dactylifera, dates are among the healthiest fruits available on the planet. However, dates come under the category of dry fruits and are highly nutritious and delicious too. The name of dates has been derived from the Greek word, Gaktulos, which in English translates to “fingers.” This is so because of the peculiar shape of the dates. 

Dates are of great importance for the practitioners of Islam as it is an important opening fruit during their fasting season. Dates are rich in the content of natural sugars, and the interesting part is that the dried dates have a high content of calories than fresh fruits. And this is so because there is a presence of high nutrient content present in the dates that makes it a perfect choice to run the day with. 

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Let’s now have a look at the list of the benefits of dates- 

Benefits of dates in improving the functionality of the brain

Dates are one of the best ingredients that can help in improvising the functionality of the brain. The presence of inflammatory cytokines like interleukin can prove to be very dangerous for the brain. And also, the presence of an ample amount of IL-6, Interleukin leads to the development of some neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

But thanks to the benefits of dates, the regular use of dates is of great help in reducing these IL- 6 levels and hence reduces the risk of developing the conditions of neurodegenerative diseases. Also, it has been found in the studies that the consumption of dates helps in the reduction of anxiety disorders too and boosts learning and memory. So, start inculcating the habit of consuming a date every day. 

benefits of dates
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Benefits of dates in reducing the risk of cancer

Cancer, one of the deadliest diseases that is known to claim so many lives all around the world. And not every person suffering from cancer can afford the treatment as it is expensive and requires a great financial background. But this deadly disease can be prevented naturally by the consumption of the dates and change in lifestyle. As dates have some amazing properties that help in the prevention of cancer. As per the studies, dates have D-glucan, which is very beneficial in promoting anti-tumor activity in the body. 

Benefits of dates in fighting diabetes

One of the most common health issues that are faced by many is diabetes. There are so many people across the globe who suffers from diabetes from mild to severe. The increased number of patients with diabetes is directly or indirectly the consequence of unhealthy eating habits and diet. However, diabetes is treated with a combination of synthetic medicines and insulin supplementation. Dates have shown a great result in enhancing insulin production and possess some properties that help reduce the rate of absorption of glucose in the body. 

Benefits of dates in improvising fertility among males

Infertility, too, is a common issue these days, and there are so many married couples facing this problem. And infertility in males has been rising and has now become an alarming sign. This all results from an unhealthy lifestyle, stress being one of the most common reasons behind it. And dates are known for treating infertility in males. The presence of so many vitamins and minerals in the body helps in improving the sperm count and increases the sexual libido in the person. As per some studies, it has also been found that the consumption of dates in the right manner also leads to an increase in the size of testes in men and breasts in women. 

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Benefits of dates for the skin

Another amazing benefit of the dates is for the skin. The consumption of dates helps in curing a lot of skin problems. Also, the consumption of dates helps in making the skin tone light and nourishes the skin well. Also, dates are of great help in preventing aging and maintaining the healthy balance of melanin.