Rock islands are unique and different islands like nowhere else on our planet, Earth. The beauty of this recently added UNESCO World Heritage Site cannot be put into words. These beautiful islands possess some amazing and awe-striking landscapes and views. They serve as a home to one of the best diving spots in the entire world. These Rock islands, Southern Lagoon, or commonly referred to as Rock Islands of Palau, are in Palau and serves as a paradise on earth. Earlier, these islands were not that popular, but since 2012, when the islands got listed in UNESCO world heritage sites, they got an enormous popularity and global attention.

However, these stunning islands are actually in between the islands of Peleliu and Koror. But they are now an incorporated part of the state of Koror. And this group of islands contains 445 islands and covers an area of about 100,200 hectares. 445 islands in the group are uninhabited limestone islands of volcanic origin, and some of them even exhibit unique mushroom-like shapes in turquoise islands that are surrounded by coral reefs.

The beauty of these beautiful islands gets enhanced by a complex reef system. This reef system features over 385 different habitats and coral species. Rock island sustains a great diversity of marine life, birds, and plants. Here, marine life also includes dugong and at least 13 species of shark. These islands have the highest concentration of marine lakes. These islands are a perfect destination to spend some amazing quality time.


Rock islands offer some great places that help a lot in knowing more about these islands and making a trip to rock islands more memorable. Here is the list of some of those places-

Rock Island Arsenal Museum- 

rock islands arsenal
ImageCredit: qctimes

Rock Island Arsenal Museum is Army’s second oldest museum. This museum was opened to the public in July in the year 1905. This museum recounts the story of the arsenal of these islands from the construction of Fort Armstrong in 1816 till now. The highlight of this museum is its collection of firearms. This museum comprises over 1200 civilian and military firearms. The collection of these firearms is unique on the entire island. In this museum, one can witness the wall gun from American Revolution, Custer’s last stand, rifles from the Little Bighorn Battlefield.

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Jumer’s Casino- 

jumer casino
ImageCredit: yogonet

Jumer’s casino in Rock Island is a great place to pay a visit. There is no better place to enjoy continuous gaming and actions and luxurious facilities than this casino and hotel on the island. This casino is flooded with the best in slots, table games, facilities, dining, and world-class hotel accommodations. Here you can enjoy the services like pool, salon, day spa, restaurants, fitness center and so on. Recently, Aqua Driving range with Floating Green too has been added to this casino for its visitors.

Black Hawk State Historic Site- 

Black hawk state historic site
ImageCredit: enjoyillinois

Another amazing place to witness on the Rock islands is Black Hawk State Historic Site. It is known for being the birthplace of a famous Sauk Warrior, Black Hawk, and has its statue standing there. It is an amazing site to visit as it offers amazing scenic views all around it and speaks a lot about the magnificent history of the Rock Islands. Here, there is an amazing museum nearby too, where you can pay for a visit too.

Locks and Dam 15- 

loc and dam
ImageCredit: wikipedia

Locks and Dam 15 is a mesmerizing sight to visit in the Rock Islands. Locks and Dam 15 is the world’s largest roller dam about 1,203 feet long and has nine 109 feet non-submersible overflow roller gates. The beauty of this place is literally awe-striking and a sight to behold. Here visitors have to wear a guard jacket too for the safety measures.

Connor Home- 

This amazing home in Rock islands resembles the house of Queen Anne Style and was essentially made around 1870 years before. However, since then it has been changed and now it has been designed in a modern way. This house is of an archaic kind and has old energies. If you are a person who is so keen to know about the past, then this home will serve you the best.

White Water Junction- 

white water junction
ImageCredit: enjoyillinois

This junction is an amazing place to play a visit on the Rock islands and have some fun with friends, family, or kids. It is one of the best places to plan any special event or a birthday. There are several packages available for lucky visitors. It is one of the best places to have some fun and thrilling activities.

Quad City Botanical Center- 

quad city botanical
ImageCredit: publicgardens

Quad City Botanical Center is an amazing place to visit in Rock Islands. Several events take place here that can be enjoyed by the visitors, no matter what the climate is. Here, a person can witness so many amazing things such as a party in summer and art in the garden and so on. These little things are loved by the ones who are pretty close to nature. Here you can witness the pair of art along with the melody and foodstuff.