When Asians or Europeans think of the Middle East, the view that comes in their mind is either that of the vast deserts in the UAE or the towering skyline in Dubai. Only those who have traveled to this part of the world would know about the unique beauty and historic significance of this part of the world. Despite facing several challenges, the oil-rich region has managed to impress the world with its progress; a huge part of that includes marvelous architecture. Apart from natural beauty, artificial structures such as Burj Khalifa make this part of the world a must-visit place. 

After remaining out of consideration for decades, the Middle East is gaining popularity slowly but surely amid the travelers. What once used to be a restrictive society, has transformed into a more welcoming one and this progressive shift has transformed the tourism industry in the Middle east. A unique culture, high-tech cities, and hospitality of the locals have turned the Middle East into a preferred tourism destination for many. The Middle East is a group of 18 countries with each one of them having a unique culture. While it is impossible to cover all 18 of them due to various reasons, we’ve brought to you a list of 5 must-visit countries in this part of the world.

5. United Arab Emirates (UAE): If there was a contest to find the brand ambassador of tourism in the Middle East, UAE would emerge victorious hands down. From artificial islands to towering skylines and the world’s tallest building, UAE has it all. What once used to be a barren desert has been transformed into the biggest tourist destination in the Middle east. You can start your trip with the country’s capital Abu Dhabi. Situated on the island of the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is home to marvelous beaches, adventure, luxury hotels, and amusements. But this is not it. The next destination in UAE i.e. Dubai is where high rising buildings make the distance between land and sky look minute. Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah Beach are key places of attraction in Dubai.

4. Petra: Petra is a living proof of man-made beauty. The archaeological city in Jordan attracts thousands of travelers every year from all across the world. Remains of ancient mosques, tombs, palaces, and temples, made of pink sandstone make the place look alive even after centuries of their construction. Petra is also known as the ‘Rose City’ due to the colour that it gets from pink sandstone. The UNESCO World Heritage site looks surreal and has a significant position in the history of the Middle east. Al-Deir Monastery, Al Khazneh temple, Colonnaded Street, Qasr Al-Bint, and Royal Tombs are key places of attraction in Petra. You can enjoy your night stay at some famous hotels in Petra after witnessing the rich history of the city.

3. Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv is a beautiful city in the most advanced country in the region i.e. Israel. It is a non-Muslim country in the Muslim dominated region and despite its geographic location, the culture here is similar to that of the West. Tel Aviv looks serene in the morning and enthralling in the night. The city is a perfect amalgamation of natural beauty and modern engineering that make the city look alive. You can walk through the streets like locals to visit the famous museums and understand the history of the country or enjoy your holiday at a beach. The city has a lot of cafes where you can try local dishes. People in Israel are very polite and welcoming and it is a very safe travel destination. Hilton Beach, Rothschild Boulevard, and Carmel Market are some of the famous places to visit in Tel Aviv.

2. Istanbul: Istanbul is the place where the East meets the West Literally. It is the only city in the world that’s spread over two continents — Asia and Europe. From architecture to food, everything in Istanbul is worth experiencing and remembering. It is an ideal travel destination for backpackers as well as couples. Despite being an Islamic nation, Istanbul has a relaxed atmosphere overall due to its closeness with Europe. The city has a unique kind of charm and also has a significant historic value dating back to the rise of the Ottomans. Traditional monuments, scenic canals, handicrafts, and local food, numerous things make Istanbul a perfect tourist destination. 

1. Doha: It is hard to miss Qatar while preparing a list of must-visit destinations in the Middle east. Doha is the capital city of Qatar whose foundation has been laid on the principles of luxury and modern engineering. Just like Dubai, Doha is known for its breathtaking view of engineering marvels. It is placed in the list of 7 new Wonder Cities of the World. Doha is the place to visit Islamic culture from a new lens. Beautiful museums, heritage markets, and amusement centers are key places to visit in Doha which is progressing both economically as well as culturally.