8 Priciest Office Places In The World


 The land, space and areas are unevenly distributed across the globe and not every space or region has the same significance. It is a well-known fact that office spaces are more expensive than residential spaces as they require more resources as the stakes are also higher. This is why the famous Times square of the Central Business District holds significance and is way more expensive than the ordinary officer spaces. There are a lot of points that contribute to the cost of any office space including how close is to the centre of the city, the ease of transportation, connectivity and the environment.

It is not only the office structure or architecture but also the significance of the place over which the office is built, that plays a key role in deciding the price of a workspace. The world has some office places that are so expensive that even some of the richest people on the planet will start feeling poor after hearing the prices. This blog features 8 priciest office places in the world.

  • CBD, Beijing, China: CBD stands for the Commercial Business District in China. It is one of the priciest office places in the world. You’ll be required to pay 926 pounds per square meter annually to get a little space to open an office here.

  • CBD, Tokyo, Japan: Japan and China have been arch-rivals since the past century and the Central Business District is a living example of it. It is one of the highest in-demand office places in Japan. The connectivity and premium location of the office space contributes to its price. You will need to pay 1051 pounds annually for per soiree meter occupancy here.

  • CBD, Moscow, Russia: The Central Business District in Moscow, Russia is one of the most costly office spaces in the world. The office space has remained to be a prominent office space despite the decline in the economy of Russia. For per square meter occupancy in the office space, you’ll be required to shed 1055 pounds off your wallet.

  • Connaught Place, New Delhi, India: Connaught Place is one of the most expensive places in the world and the most expensive office place in India. Located along with the Rajiv Chowk metro station at the heart of the national capital, Connaught Places houses many key companies’ offices. Due to the smooth connectivity and location, you’ll need to pay $149.71 annually per square ft. The office place also has key restaurant outlets.

  • Zona Sul, Rio De Janeiro: While it may come as a surprise that Brazil houses one of the most expensive office spaces in the world but Rio De Janeiro does have a super expensive office space. Zona Sul is the most expensive office space in Brazil. The annual cost per square meter occupancy here is 1150 pounds.

  • 5th Madison Avenue, New York: Everyone knows that New York has one of the most expensive office places in the world. The famous Madison Avenue in New York is one of the third most costly office places in the world. The office space has restaurants, theatres, shops and businesses. You’ll need to pay 1162 pounds annually for annual occupancy per square meter.

  • Central Business District, Hong Kong: Hong Kong has been a centre of global business activities across the world. This is why, the Central Business District is one of the most populous cities, Hong Kong is second in the list of most expensive office spaces in the world. The office space spread over an area of 23 million square feet has many multinational companies. A person or company needs to pay 1636 pound annually for pers square meter occupancy.

  • West End, London: The UK was on course the development path much earlier than the rest of the world and business activities have been booming here since almost a century. The West End Office space in London is the most expensive office space in the world. There are a large number of commercial offices here and the annual occupancy charges per square meter here are 2344 pounds.