Creatine and Protein are two supplements that are a matter of debate among fitness enthusiasts and experts across the world. The debate has been going on over this topic for decades. Both the supplements have tremendous benefits and they help a fitness enthusiast in many ways. Despite so much data available about protein and creatine, there are a lot of people who find it difficult to understand the key differences between the two and decide which one is best for them. This is particularly true in the case of a layman. There are many questions that arise in a person’s mind when he/she decides to get the first box of supplements.

Now, some of the common questions that trouble the newbies are: Why should I take supplements? What’s the difference between protein and creatine? Which one is better for me? What are its benefits? And Can I take both creatine and protein? If you are one of those persons who get troubled by such questions this blog is strictly curated for you.

Let’s first understand what is Creatine.

Creatine is an energy source that boosts workout performance. It is a natural compound present inside the human body. Our muscle tissues utilise it for energy and recovery after the workout. While we get creatine from various food materials like meat and dairy products, a vegetarian or a vegan person may find it hard to get sufficient amounts of creatine. In such cases, creatine supplements play a key role. That is how the entire concept of creatine supplements came into existence. A healthy individual who workouts everyday need at least 5g of creatine every day. This is why creatine monohydrate supplements are essential. 

Why do We need Creatine?

When we lift dumbbells or go through an intense workout, our body’s energy is drained. In such cases, creatine helps in refuelling our energy tanks and helps the muscle tissues in recovery. In addition to this, creatine draws water molecules to the muscles. This is beneficial in keeping the muscles hydrated. A healthy diet and a creatine supplementation combined helps in muscle protein synthesis and reduces muscle breakdown. Continuous growth at the gym is mandatory for satisfactory results. Creatine helps you in pushing your limits and hitting some extra reps of those heavy dumbbells and barbells. It is particularly beneficial for heavy lifters.

What is Protein?

Protein is the most common term in terms of nutrition when we talk of gymming and fitness. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know about the importance of protein in fitness. We know about foods like lentils, soybean, peanuts, almonds, milk and other foods that are rich in protein. Hence, here we will strictly talk about Whey Protein, which is a common terminology and this is the name by which protein supplements are sold in the market.

Whey Protein is a broken protein made up of hundreds of amino acids. Broken protein is easy to digest and amino acids are equally important for fitness enthusiasts as they promote recovery of broken muscle tissues and building of new muscles after the workout session. The newly formed muscle tissues are stronger than the older ones. Thus, whey protein plays a vital role in strength building. Since protein is one of the most essential nutrients of our diets, many do not even consider whey protein as a supplement. 

Why do we need Protein?

From building new muscle tissues to promoting faster recovery of the broken muscle tissues after the workout, the role of protein is unmatchable in any fitness enthusiast’s life. With our busy daily life routines, it becomes very hard or almost impossible to include almost all the essential nutrients in our diet. In such cases, Whey Protein emerges as the saviour. It fulfils our body’s protein requirement and also digests easier than traditional foods. 

Difference Between Protein and Creatine

As mentioned above, creatine is a natural compound that is present in the body and most found in meat and dairy products. On the contrary, protein can be found in any type of food and you don’t need to be a non-vegetarian to suffice your protein requirements. In nutshell, getting protein for your body is a lot easier than getting creatine naturally. 

Another key difference is that while creatine is associated with stamina and mainly used to improve performance, protein is associated with strength gaining and is mainly used for gaining muscles and strength. Both the supplements are instrumental if you want to get in good shape and gain muscles.

Can I take both protein and creatine?

This is a very common question that crosses almost every fitness enthusiast’s mind and most of the people are sceptical about taking both. Let me break this down for you. 

As per the above properties, creatine and protein have their distinct roles and you can not undermine any of the aspects if you are serious about your fitness. While creatine boosts your performance, whey protein makes sure that you get satisfactory results for the work that you put out and as a result, you get some good gains.

Hence, consuming both protein and creatine is only going to make your performance better. It will fasten the process of muscle growth and recovery and as a result, you will be able to get your desired physique.

It is advisable to consume creatine before your workout while protein can be consumed either before or after the workout.