Collagen is a very important supplement that many people do not know about. But what if Collagen? It is actually a substance found in skins and bones. It is the main structural protein in the extracellular matrix. Collagen is the key component in the connective tissue that makes up 25% to 25% of the entire protein content in the body.

Collagen plays a key role in building and supporting many tissues in the body. It is a very important supplement for hair, bones, eyes, and the digestive system. Collagen supplements come from animals. Even if you take foods rich in collagen, it is the animal-based foods. You can get collagen as powder or capsule on the market.

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Collagen is very safe to consume. However, expert advice is always better when taking a new supplement. 

There are over 16 types of collagen, including type I, II, III and IV, that are the four main types.

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Type I: Type I collagen comprises densely packed fibers and makes up nearly 90% of the protein in the body. It plays a key role in providing structure to body parts such as teeth, skin and bones, connective tissues.

Type II: This type of collagen comprises loosely packed fibers. Type II Collagen is found in elastic cartilage and acts as a cushion to the joints.

Type III: Type III collagen plays an important role in supporting the structures of organs, arteries, and muscles.

Type IV: Type IV collagen is found in layers of skin and helps in filtration.

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As one ages, the collagen levels drop. This is because the body produces less and lower quality collagen with an increase of age. Loose skin is one of the first symptoms of lack of collagen. This is when the role of collagen becomes even more important.

Key Collagen Benefits

Anti-aging Properties: As one ages, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes dull and loses tightness with time. Collagen supplements can help in minimizing, if not reducing, all these effects. In a nutshell, collagen can act as a great anti-aging agent. It helps to restore the texture and tightness of the skin. Collagen also helps the skin in holding the moisture better. It is like giving yourself a few more years of youth.

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Fighting Joint Pains: Collagen provides cushioning to the joints and the drop in collagen levels may lead to joint pain. It can pose a lot of problems in daily life such as difficulty in moving, trouble in doing exercise. Since collagen plays a prominent role in supporting the connecting tissues, they can be of great help in fighting problems like joint pain. Collagen also has rich anti-inflammatory properties and may support cartilage repair.

Better Heart Health: Besides consuming orally as pills, you can also add powdered collagen in your coffee. Such a use of collagen may help in keeping a check on the cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that collagen may help in preventing coronary artery disease, a deadly form of heart disease. It is also of great help in strengthening the blood vessel wall, reducing the risk of artery disease significantly.

Easily Digestible Source of Protein: Most of the people consume chicken or eggs to fulfil their daily protein requirement. While all these sources are really healthy, some people may find it hard to digest these foods. Collagen, which makes up 90% of protein in the body, can be digested easily. Collagen supplements are hydrolyzed, i.e. broken down and hence, it is easy to digest them.