Idukki is a densely forested region in the mountainous region of Kerala. Situated at an altitude of 1,200 meters, Idukki is a treasure of nature far from the concrete jungles of the cities. Spread across an area of over 4,300 sq km. One of the most beautiful districts of the state, Idukki is located in the gorgeous Western Ghats and has a mix of rocky terrain and dense vegetation. From lagoons to rivers and from waterfalls to hypnotizing landscapes, Idukki has a lot to offer. From adventurous hill stations to Wildlife Sanctuaries, there are a lot of things to keep you engaged. 

For those looking for a peaceful vacation far from the hustle and bustle of the city, Idukki is one of the best places in Kerala. The fields and green cover of Idukki remain fresh, thanks to the three rivers- Thodupuzhayar, Periyar, and Thalaya. These 3 rivers, along with their tributaries, are the main source of water in the region. The famous Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places to explore in Idukki. The highrise cliffs in the district provide a magnificent view of the nearby region. It is also one of the best destinations for bike rides as the roads passing through gorgeous valleys greet you with jaw dropping sceneries.

Top Places To Explore 

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary: 

idukki wildlife sanctuary
ImageCredit: keralatourism

Situated at an altitude of 450 ft to 750 ft in the Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola taluks of Idukki, the Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by the Idukki lake on three sides. The wildlife sanctuary houses several wild elephants, covered with semi-evergreen forests, vast meadows, and dense plantations. Apart from the famous wild elephants, the sanctuary houses bison, sambar, deer, wild dogs, jungle cats, Malabar Giant Squirrel, wild boars, and tigers. Idukki wildlife sanctuary is also the home to a variety of reptiles and birds. There’s no entry fee for visiting the sanctuary.

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Keezharkuthu Falls: 

keezharkuthu falls
ImageCredit: pinterest

Idukki has many majestic waterfalls, and Keezharkuthu is among the best of them. Falling from a height of 1500 meters, the cascading waters fall from the hills surrounded by lush greenery. Keezharkuthu falls are also known as Rainbow Falls. A fall is also an ideal place for photographers. Keezharkuthu has a rocky terrain that provides opportunities for activities like trekking, mountain climbing, and camping.

Valara Waterfalls: 

valara waterfalls
ImageCredit: photovaliant

Located on the Munnar-Kochi highway, Valara Waterfall is another great place to explore in Idukki. The view of water falling from a height of 1000 meters is a treat to the eyes. Located amid dense vegetation, the Valara waterfall is a great place for nature lovers. The waterfall is a great place to hang out with your gang and explore the rich flora and fauna. It is also a major attraction for couples seeking a romantic getaway.


Gavi, Gavi river
ImageCredit: wikipedia

Gavi is like a picture perfect eco-tourist spot that is known for its famous scenic beauty. Untouched by the modern day development activities, Gavi is known for its rich and rare flora. It also has only 2 Gopher trees in India. Gavi is also the home to Nageia Wallichiana, an endemic variety of the Gymnosperm family. It also houses species like Nilgiri Tahr and Lion-tailed Macaque. Located 28 km from Kumily, Gavi is a heaven for nature and wildlife lovers. The entry fee for adults is Rs. 25, whereas Rs. 50 is charged extra for entry of a vehicle. There are separate charges for taking cameras and video recorders as well.

Thommankuthu Waterfalls: 

thommankuthu falls
ImageCredit: keralatourism

Thommankuthu Waterfall is a set of 12 falls spread over an area of 5 km. Falling from a height of 40 meters, the 12 falls make their way through the lush evergreen forests. The waterfall was first discovered by Thommachan Kuruvinakunnel. Thommankuthu is also famous for its rich flora and fauna. It is also a popular trekking destination with several caves on the way. It is an ideal spot to explore during the summers when one can also enjoy a bath. The entry fee for adults is Rs.10.


ImageCredit: yatramantra

Located 3,500 ft above the sea level, Ramakkalmedu is a stunning viewpoint that offers a bird’s eye view of the entire region. The historical monuments of Kuravan and Kurathi are among the key attractions near Ramakkalmedu. However, the highlight of the spot is a huge statue illustrating the Sangam period of Kerala. Ramakkalmedu is located 40 km from Thekkady. You can click amazing pictures from the top of the viewpoint.