When you have special feelings for a person, those feelings must reflect in your actions. Yes, it is great to tell them what you feel about them directly, but not everything must be said through words. Communication is the key to a successful relationship, but communication doesn’t just mean exchanging words. Your expressions and your actions are also great means of communication. Especially when it’s your loved one that you are communicating with. In a romantic relationship, particularly, small actions can have a great impact. These actions may come in different forms, be it a compliment or remembering small things about your partner.

If you are meeting your special one in a romantic set up or a date for the first time, it’s very important to have a good impression. The first impression may or may not be the last impression, but it certainly plays a huge role in forming an image in the other person’s mind. That image could be ordinary or great, depending upon your actions. First dates are always complicated, with people taking some time to open up. When you feel those butterflies in the stomach and are not yourself, controlling your action or words is nearly impossible. In such a case, it’s better to let time place the anchor. There are certain things you can try to open up to your special ones and make them feel comfortable at the same time. 

After a lot of brainstorming, we’ve compiled a list of some really out of box first date tips.

Attending a Standup Comedy Show:

When you are meeting someone for the first time, there can be a lot of those ‘awkward silence’ moments. One needs some time before they can open up to a new person. While being surrounded by a huge crowd doesn’t really fit in with a romantic date, it can help calm the nerves. One of the best ways to open up to each other easily is by attending a standup comedy show together. A couple that laughs together stays together. You can strike a conversation about the jokes after the show, and that can help in opening up gradually.

Playing a Game Together:

playing games

It’s good to ask what the person you are going to see likes, but it’s even better to explore what they like along with them. For example: playing their favorite sport with them. Sports are known to be one of the best bonding exercises, and you can really sweat it out together on the field to break the shackles and talk to each other freely. It might not be the best way to win their heart, but it will still help them see the efforts you are putting in.

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Attending a Workshop:

Going to a restaurant for a date is too mainstream. In the modern world, we replace it with attending a workshop. This will be particularly very helpful for introverts. You can take your special person to a workshop. It may be a pottery workshop or a photography workshop. You can help each other clear the doubts and can later have a conversation over the topics you learned at the workshop. It is one of the best ways of starting a conversation when you are too nervous about talking about something else. That’s how cute school love stories start. Don’t they?

Cooking For Them:

cooking first date tips

Yes, you can impress a woman by taking her to a super expensive restaurant, but nothing beats the charm of a man cooking for his lady. Women find the idea of a man cooking for them really romantic. This is one of the best ways to make them feel special. You don’t have to be a chef to do this. Just invite them over to your place, make them feel comfortable, and cook something that you know perfectly. As far as showing them your efforts is concerned, even a cup of coffee will do the trick. But if you can cook something delicious, it’s gonna be a masterstroke.

Here are some dishes you might wanna Cook


Exploring common interests is one of the best ways to develop a bonding with a person. Volunteering for social causes is one of the best ways to do this. You can volunteer for any social cause like cleaning a beach, teaching poor kids, or feeding stray animals. At the end of the activity, you’ll have a feeling of satisfaction and inner joy to share, and nothing can beat the charm of that moment. It is not just a display of your kindness but also speaks volumes about your character as a human.

Full-Day of Dining:

What’s better than a dinner together? A breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. You can’t know someone enough over just a meal, so why not accompany them for an entire day, starting from the breakfast itself. The sheer idea of starting the day with your special person and having them by your side throughout the day has a different charm to it. This idea is gonna make you two bond really well if you share the love for food. You can explore different eateries together. Discuss your likes and dislikes and have a day full of good food and romantic talks.

Going For A Drive:

first date tips

This is the good old classic of date ideas. We can list a hundred first date tips, but nothing can beat the joy of going for a drive with your loved one sitting next to you or behind you. You can go for a bike ride or a drive, but drives are better for a first date as you don’t get uncomfortably close. Plus, there’s always the option of playing some good music when you don’t feel like talking. You can talk about your interests, their interests, love, and the world while covering those distances.