Samsing is a hill village in Malbazar subdivision of Jalpaiguri district, west Bengal. The tiny hill village is between the borders of Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling districts. At an altitude of 3,000 ft, Samsing is surrounded by lush green fields and mountains. Just like Darjeeling, Samsing is famous for its tea gardens and scenic landscapes. One can easily see the peaks of Bhutan from Samsing on a clear day. Situated 18 km from Neora Valley National Park, Samsing is home to a population of over 4,000. Samsing has an abundance of natural tourist attractions and it is among the top picnic spots in West Bengal.

From rivers to waterfalls and from plains to hills, the landmass of Samsing is very diverse. It is like a hidden gem for nature lovers. Geographically, Samsing is divided into two parts- Samsing Basti and Samsing Tea garden. The tea estate is governed by the Jalpaiguri District administration, whereas Samsing Basti falls under the jurisdiction of Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.

samsing, west bengal
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Samsing Tea garden is situated on the bank of the Murti river and it is among the top places to visit in Samsing. Samsing is located 83 km away from Siliguri and serves as the gateway to Neora Valley National Park. For those looking for a perfect weekend getaway, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, Samsing is a great option to explore.

The journey to Samsing is nothing less than a visual treat with several tea gardens welcoming you to the Dooars region. Some of the best tea gardens in the region include Zurantee Tea Garden, Chalsa Tea Garden and Samsing Tea Garden. The Dooars region has emerged as a great tourist attraction in recent times.

Samsing is just 17 km from Chalsa and it is one of the many gems in the Dooars region. The lush vegetation in Samsing is what makes it stand out. You can club Samsing, Suntalekhola and the Rocky Island together during your trip to explore the entire region better.

How to Reach Samsing? 

samsing, west bengal
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To reach Samsing, you’ll have to reach Chalsa first. Chalsa is just 7 km from Murti. The total distance between Chalsa and Samsing is roughly 15 km. On your way to Samsing from Chalsa, you’ll first reach Matelli after covering the first 8 kms. The route from Matelli to Samsing will leave you mesmerised. It will certainly be among the most scenic routes you’ve ever travelled through. Keep your camera ready to record the jaw dropping sceneries on your way to Samsing. Indong Tea Garden, Chalsa Tea Garden and Samsing Tea Garden fall on the route to Samsing village and you can take out some time to visit all these magnificent tea gardens.

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Your journey will end at Samsing Chowk, from where all the key attractions can be reached by a walk. You’ll also spot the forest check post near Samsing Chowk. There are a lot of local eateries at the chowk where you can enjoy local dishes and a cup of tea amid the pleasant weather of Samsing.

On the foothills at the eastern fringes of Neora Valley National Park, Samsing is a gift of mother nature to all of us travellers. Do not forget to enjoy a meal while gazing at the spectacular views from the open dining terrace of the restaurant.

There are a lot of tourist attractions in and around Samsing and you’ll need a couple of days to cover most of these attractions.

Lali Guras is one such place near Samsing that you can’t afford to miss. The famous picnic spot is actually a valley overlooking the Murti river flowing in its fury. Roads to Lali Guras are motorable and riding your bike to the point can be the adventurous activity you’ve been looking for so long. The earlier you reach, the better the view. After reaching one end of Lali Guras, you’ll get a bird’s-eye view of the entire region.

samsing, west bengal
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Another key attraction is the Samsing View Point, located by the road that offers a magnificent view of the Murti river and the surrounding area covered by dense plantations.

In Samsing, the more you explore, the more you are rewarded. Mouchuki is one such reward that you get after covering a distance of 6 km from the forest check post in Samsing. You can either walk to the point of taking your vehicle. Situated in the lap of mother nature, Mouchuki is famous for its undisturbed natural environment that remains hidden from the eyes of the public.

There are very few spots as good as Mouchuki to enjoy the view of the forest and the vast greenery in the region. You can also take your adventure to the next level by going for a trek through the dense forest cover to Lava through the Lechla Pass. However, you’ll have to get a permit for the trek first.