When we hear the word ‘Village’, we picture things like muddy trails, mud houses, cattle, series of farms, borewells and unorganised construction. But Tosh doesn’t fit into this definition. Tosh is not just any village. It is a scenic beauty situated at an altitude of 2,400 metres in the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. A heaven for tourists, Tosh is a quaint village far from the hustle and bustle of cities and the crowd of tourist hotspots. Tourism and apple farming are two key sources of income for the locals here. The appealing wooden houses and beautiful homestays in the village provide multiple stay options for tourists.

Tosh might be just a village, but there are a lot of things to do here. You can spend several days in the village without getting bored. The endless greenery, picturesque view points, adventurous trekking trails and scenic landscapes make it a perfect destination to enjoy some quality time amid a serene environment in the village surrounded by cloud-hugging mountains. The temperature here is pleasant for most of the year. However, winters can be chilly and those from the southern part of the country might find it extremely hard to bear with the cold. Tosh is one of the destinations in Himachal that every avid traveller must visit at least once in their life.

How To Reach Tosh?

Reaching the hippie village is very easy. You will need to first take a bus from Bhuntar to Kasol and then book a shared taxi along Manikaran and Barshaini roads. After a half an hour long drive, you’ll reach the most adventurous part. One can reach Tosh after hiking for nearly an hour. Yes, the journey to Tosh starts with an adventure itself. Now you know what the village has to offer in terms of experiences.

Things To Do in Tosh

Tosh Trek:

tosh trek
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Trekking is among the most adventurous things to do in Tosh. The best way to reach the village is through a one hour trek, but the fun doesn’t end there. The Tosh valley trek is once in a lifetime adventure. Famous for its cascading waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, endless greenery and adventurous trails, Tosh is nestled at the edge of the glorious Parvati Valley. It is generally a 2-day trek starting from Barshaini. One-way distance for the trek is 3 km and it can be easily done by beginners. The maximum altitude of the trek is 7,874 ft.

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Exploring The Parvati River:

parvati valley
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Tosh is situated next to the Parvati River that makes its way through the scenic valleys of the village. Situated at an altitude of 7,900 ft, the river looks heavenly as it cuts through the mountainous terrain of Tosh, flirting with the Himalayan terrains. A walk by the river is one of the most liberating experiences you can have in your life. The river is just 10 km from Kullu. However, you’ll need to pay a certain amount of fee if you wish to do camping near the river.

Visiting Malana:

malana, tosh malana
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Ask any backpacker and they’ll tell you Malana is a mystical village deep in the lap of Himalayas. The tiny hamlet holds a significant place in the history of the region. Situated 9,938 ft above the sea level, the village is a nature lover’s paradise. You can reach Malana from Tosh after a short walk through the mesmerising trails. You’ll come across hypnotic landscapes on your way to Malana that you must capture in your camera. You can enhance your experience by opting for a trek up to the Chanderkhani Pass and Rashol Pass. These two passes are among the key attractions in the village of Malana.

Offering Prayers at Manikaran Sahib:

manikaran saheb
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A trip to Tosh is a perfect combination of peace and spirituality. You can get rid of all your worries and seek blessings at the holy Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara that falls on the way to Malana from Tosh. Situated in the scenic Parvati valley, Manikaran Sahib is one of the highest gurudwaras in the world, situated at an altitude of 1,760 metres. It is located in the town of the same name. Do not forget to enjoy the langar while at the Gurudwara. You can also take a dip in the hot spring within the Gurudwara complex.

Kheerganga Trek:

kheerganga trek
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Kheerganga Trek is probably one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. A combination of easy to challenging terrains, the Kheerganga Trek takes you closer to mother nature. Passing through several hillocks and water streams, the trek is located in the lap of Himalayas. Kheerganga is just 7 km from Tosh. There is no fee for the trek. However, you’ll need to pay for the tent if you decide to set up a camp. The trek is open round the clock, but it is advisable to avoid the trek after evening hours. Always carry a water bottle, some packaged food, a torch and other essentials while going for the trek.