Is MBA a rat race?


The rat race is similar to rats in the puzzle that compete against each other to get cheese. Cheese here is known as a reward or job. Rat compete to get small prizes. When one refers to the rat race, it means dissatisfied or demotivated people working for long hours for small pay and recognition attached to 2 years masters (MBA). Yet students continue to participate in MBA when they don’t have any other option, or their family pressurizes them to complete further studies to be financially stable in the future.

Competition among subordinates to get promotion for better pay and recognition in the job market or may have inner urge to beat coworkers to the next promotion or pay raise. Unless one has a passion, they do master’s (MBA) from best colleges. Those running in rate race do not enjoy their work as stress come attached to it. To make it to the administrative level, one needs business abilities. MBA, ideally from an esteemed school, will guarantee a safe future one has been dreaming for because of the charming possibilities of global positions and multi-million dollar pay rates.

What makes it a rat race?

Today, many people started taking master’s courses because, after graduation, they can’t get a job with a good package and salary. So, to secure jobs with high perks and a good job in multi-national companies. All individuals started doing MBA from good colleges as it became a shortcut to them to get good jobs as their friend or relative have made it.

MBA rat race

Individuals with technical backgrounds being fresher don’t benefit from having a high salary due to zero work experience. Hence to be competitive in the environment. Knowledge of finance, management, and organizational behavior is required to make high salaries indulge themselves in MBA. 

Hence to become a professional and to make an entry into the corporate world. Students start indulging in the MBA program to get a better job with high salaries and perks that makes it a rat race. 

Is it worth doing an MBA, or are you participating in a rat race?

It becomes a rat race when you start running for money directly instead of learning. If you know management, finance, organizational pattern, you don’t need to waste money on masters. But you want to improve and polish your skillsets like technical skills and communication skills etc., then it’s worth considering. Recent studies find out a person with good knowledge and tactics can beat a person who has a master’s degree if he/she doesn’t have sufficient knowledge. Instead of running for a degree, we should be keen to learn new things. In the long run, you will experience the benefit that you will get from knowledge. 


So, it’s completely up to you whether you should run for the money, good job, and perks. If you focus on learning rather than grabbing books to get marks, you will get nothing. That’s what our education system has taught to score marks only. Creative thinking, knowledge, and different skillsets will help you gain hike and growth in the corporate world. Students should pursue MBA if they want to upgrade themselves instead of just getting a degree to show their education level. Do efforts upgrade yourself, prepare yourself for exams like CAT, MAT, and GMAT, etc. You can take admission to a decent college that is worth considering for MBA. Do an MBA from that college that upgrades you in a better way rather than from college, providing you with an MBA degree for money. Upgrade yourself in such a way that in the long run, you could start your own business too.



MBA course offers a study of finance, marketing, and management, etc. Suppose you are passionate or keen to learn or upgrade your skillsets. In that case, you can consider MBA then only participate in the rat race instead of purchasing an MBA degree from colleges. The course comes with a huge fee which is also a factor to consider.