Peer Pressure can MAKE or BREAK your future.


Peer pressure is the situation wherein we tend to get attracted by the lifestyles and the ways of thinking of our peers. Peer pressure has both negative and positive effects on society. The thoughts, habits, and tastes of fashion, music, television, and different backgrounds of life of the masses are often seen profoundly affected by society’s living. We will, in general, get affected by the lifestyles of our peer group. Our friends’ changing ways of life often force us to change our ways of looking at life and leading it. 

It’s a human tendency to do what a group of people does. Few individuals dare to resist peer pressure and be their selves instead of being one among the part. Friends’ pressure is bound to affect most of us, both positively and negatively. The difference between positive and negative peer pressure lies in a thoughtful analysis of the masses’ views. Following your friends blindly leaves a negative impact on your life. At the same time, a scientific methodology of looking at peer behavior can act positively.

Positive impacts

positive peer pressure

  • Friend pressure isn’t in every case awful. It can assist you with breaking down yourself and consider your lifestyle. A portion of the practices that the majority follow may show you the method of living. You might have the option to improve yourself. Taking a gander at what others do can assist you with getting a positive change in your perspective. If you can pick specifically, peer-pressing factors can bring about a positive change in your lifestyle. 
  • Understanding what the majority follow opens you to the world external your home. You comprehend the things going on around you. You are presented with a wide assortment of human conduct. Openness to peer pressure offers you a chance to consider their preferences and their viewpoints towards life. It allows you to pick the best from what the majority do. 
  • On the off chance that you are blessed to get a decent companion gathering, your friends can assume a crucial part in your character’s molding. Their perspective may impact you to change for improvement. A portion of your companions is your dear companions, who don’t compress you to get things done but instead move you to change yourself. Your friend gathering may convince you to achieve a helpful change as a part of your character. Companion pressing factor can lead you to settle on the correct decisions throughout everyday life.
  • Companion pressing can help you grow a person since it will enjoy exercises like conceptualizing and thinking of novel thoughts. Competition from the companions will drive an individual to work all the more industriously towards the objective, which improves thinking ability about the person. Many people flourish in conditions and perform better just when put under pressure by their companions. The formula for progress is truly changing. An individual can arrive at higher heights in progress when there is a competition to perform, particularly from his companions. Peer pressure can likewise help an individual produce inspiration and complete his assignment in the given time as he becomes watchful if his friends may achieve faster than him.

Negative Impacts

negetive peer pressure

  • At the point when you don’t care for a specific thought or when you do not tend to a specific field, clearly you dislike to pass by it. Without a doubt, you dislike going that way. However, it is your peer gathering, which may constrain you on accomplishing something you disdain. In such cases, there are possibilities that you will not do well in those things. Things you don’t love doing can’t bring you achievement. You can’t arise fruitful in something you have never enjoyed doing. Notably, you don’t lose your life’s satisfaction by surrendering to peer pressure along these lines. 
  • Numerous a period, it so occurs, that we are compelled to lead a specific way of life because of friend pressure. You dislike celebrating consistently, dislike night-outs with companions, and may not like drinking or smoking. However, peer-pressing factors may cause you to do all that you had never wished to. Numerous youngsters experience extraordinary pressing factors from their companion bunch that constrains them to take to drinking. You may take to something as lethal as medication use, and that as well, simply because of companion pressure. In such cases, being excessively compressed by your friends can be negative to your living. A few youngsters, in a real sense, ruin their lives by surrendering to peer pressure. 
  • Friends pressure can prompt a deficiency of independence. Outrageous friend pressing factor may lead you to follow what your companions feel right. Their pressure may urge you to pass by all that they think right. You will, in general, indiscriminately emulate the majority; you receive their preferences of style, attire, hair, music, and general living. Friend pressing factors can lead you to lose your life tastes and power yourself to start preferring what they like. Companion pressure is the human inclination to join the temporary fad, where the individual loses his/her unique perspective on.


Companion pressing can make your future. There is no damage in recognizing and taking motivation from your companions and utilize this to improve your presentation. The inclination that, if one of your companions has accomplished something, there is no motivation behind why you shouldn’t have the option to accomplish the equivalent can be a major morale booster. Friend pressure can deface your future. If your activities are indiscriminately guided by your friend gathering and your activities are driven by the desire to find a way into a companion gathering, you end up in a difficult circumstance.