Work for money, not passion! True or false?

follow your passion

If you remain dissatisfied with your work, it means you are following a path that doesn’t allow you to follow your passion. Perhaps you have stuck yourself in a particular task or work because you are earning well. Chasing money in place of passion would not allow you to go far if you are looking for growth.

Money is a very mighty thing. It has the power to build your Empires and the power to break down your kingdom into small pieces. It can be the reason for people’s happiness or can result in misery. Money is a powerful weapon that can be the reason for a person’s happiness and sorrow.

Although money is strong and powerful enough that it can make us happy for some time. Money can buy happiness but cannot buy you time. Time is the most valuable asset we should think about and spend wisely. You must not get a thought that you are wasting your life. if you work on your goals, you will never get wrong thoughts 

This generation is particularly at risk because jobs in the market are limited. Many of us are working in a job that we don’t like. We are just working for the sake of money. But somewhere, our inner urge reminds us that we should do something different that makes us happy and passionate about work. But factors like responsibilities, scarcity of jobs, and resistance to change arise.

5 facts that will help you to follow your passion instead of the money

Make work your passion.

There is nothing worse than getting up early in the morning for work that hardly matters for you or you don’t care. If you will make your work a passion, there will be a hundred things that you can find and will boost your interest in one work. Just focus on the work you are doing, try to think creatively, and you will end up exploring tones of things from one single job. That will further make you passionate and exploratory.  


Try to think beyond a normal capacity. You will get innovative ideas that will open thousands of new options to perform tasks that you usually perform in your daily job. When you follow your passion and think differently, you don’t even need to run for the money in the long run. The money will automatically follow your passion. Every successful person in this world is up with a theory that a person always starts from small things but thinks differently from people with limited capacity. Do what you love, and if you have to work, you don’t have much interest in due to responsibilities. Try to think innovatively, and you will end up finding your passion in that work. 

Work won’t feel forced. 

   When you value money more than your passion. You will feel trapped in a vicious cycle of misery. You will feel work as a burden or headache in your mind of the task that must be completed. You must feel adventure or journey while accomplishing a task; otherwise, it will lead to stress and anxiety in your life. 

Every day when you go with the same mindset, you end up hating your job. While numerous individuals feel that they should endeavor to resign and have the cash to have a good time, why bother having a ball in your later years when you invested a portion of your greatest years being hopeless?

All things considered, follow your enthusiasm and perceive how much work simply appears to stream rather than you constraining things to occur.

You’ll Go Above and Beyond. 

Certain commitments at work will expect you to exceed all expectations. On specific occasions during the bustling seasons, you might be approached to do certain undertakings that are not a piece of your ordinary timetable. It is a lot simpler for you to place in the additional work if you care about it. 

Since you are energetic about your work, you will want to invest the additional push to go past what is expected of you, which will cause you to feel better and acquire the correct sort of consideration from your bosses.

See obstacles as an opportunity.

When you follow your enthusiasm and truly appreciate what you don’t do anything, it will prevent you from completing your work. Since you are energetic about what you do, you feel relentless, and nothing can impede you from accomplishing significance. And you will feel that obstacles in life as an opportunity to learn and explore things.


This is the most critical element in the decision-making process. There may be a possibility that you just want to earn money, keep aside passion, and want to accomplish life’s responsibilities. Or you want to follow passion or work that thrills you. Be clear, what you want from life? No one at some phase of life is not clear what they want because life is an uncertain path that keeps changing. Getting a little idea from things that you want will help you conclude this dilemma.