5 Best Films of 2020 Everyone Should Watch


2020 was anything but the easiest year to be born in. Everyone will easily agree that 2020 was more tiring than anyone could have imagined. If humans would have known what would happen in this godforsaken year many would have skipped directly to 2021. However, every cloud has a silver lining. In the case of 2020, it was the films that were released. While a lot of humanity was confined within four walls these films made this prison a bit more vibrant. The year was blessed with some exemplary works in Bollywood signalling the rise of new issues and unconventional film formats.


A remarkable film displaying in realistic detail the treatment of women in this country, Thappad is this year’s masterpiece. Instead of focusing on extremes of women suffering it focuses on the more accepted form of patriarchy that is seen in society. It reminds us that women are often unfairly treated and we fail to notice these because of how normalized they are. Doubting a woman’s competence in the workplace, questioning their driving, expecting them to forgive mistakes, and forcing them to adhere to home are only some forms of misogyny we have failed to see. The charm of this movie is the simplicity with which it explains to us the bigotry of our society.

Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan  

Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan is anything but an accurate representation of the lives of homosexuals in India. Yet as the first mainstream film to deal with it, it does a decent job of representation and basic expression. It is a lighthearted comedy film and both the main actors do a good job of delivering the script well. As a comedy, this film deserves a spot as one of the best comedies in 2020 and for the effort, it made towards normalizing homosexuality in India.


This movie makes the viewers’ screen crawl but in a way that further tempts them to watch the movie. The cinematography of the movie is remarkable beyond belief, with blood-red lighting in certain scenes and good use of dull and dim colouring. Tripti Dimri, the lead is easily responsible for the success of this film with her presence being unremarkable. Nobody can look away from her charismatic character in the film. Bulbul was brought alive by her skill. The message of this movie was simple; a girl out on revenge against people who have continuously done her wrong and the film successfully makes its point.

Class of 83’     


An insightful look into the corruption led system that demotes officials who do their job with more integrity than proffered by those in power; Class of 83’ is a very dynamic film. Set in an established background were due to lack of jobs a huge amount of Bombay youth was associating itself with organized crime, 83’ explains the need for a change within the system. Its action sequences are both realistic and yet cinematically appealing different from exaggerated movies that often make them look like superhero sequences. Class of 83’ is a depiction of how bloody crime can be and why it is important to both protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

Angrezi Medium

The final film from Irfan Khan, it does hold up to the reputation of this master actor. A much-awaited and equally appealing sequel to Hindi Medium, Angrezi Medium is driven by its relentlessly good cast. The struggles of pursuing education abroad especially for a middle-class member are well depicted in this movie, which is a light-hearted comedy with a big message.