5 Indian Authors Who Deserve More Acclamation

Indian Authors

Literature is a growing artistic branch in India. Authors are rising from every corner of the country bringing with them the diverse opinions that Indian stands for. Every day thousands and thousands of writers are published in the country but not all can manage to rise to fame, especially the fame they deserve. While critics often applaud their works, their audiences fail to notice them. Yet the lack of audience attention cannot undermine their craft. Their writing and pieces are stunning and deserve more appreciation than they have managed to get. Here are five Indian authors who you should consider reading.

1. Saikat Majumdar  

Saikat Majumdar

“Vishnu is a million times craftier, the more you love him the more he makes you suffer.’ is one of the many beautiful lines, coming from the book The Scent of God. Saikat Majumdar is a writer whose words are ethereally philosophical. He does not write, no. He weaves words into perfect poetry until the routine is glorified into something more. The scent of God narrated the life of Aviral, a boy living with the Buddhist monks, and his journey through countless factors. Then there is The Firefly, the story of Ori and Theater. Majumdar’s writing is also tied to politics and social conditions. This thread that connects the main plot of expression with politics is thin yet significant. His books deserve to be read.

2. Janice Pariat 

Janice Pariat

Coming from the lands of hill and dew, the north-east Janice incorporates in her writing the sheer delicacy that comes from the region. Her masterpiece book Boats on Land puts the north-east in a large historical era. The region’s history is written in with global relevance, which is not always an easy task. She however accomplished it well. Janice has brought in her literature what history books often forget to teach. The culture of north-east spills from between those pages and folklore dances among its words.

3. Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar

Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar

The thing about Indian authors is that they come from various backgrounds and this gives shining vibrancies and dimensions to their pieces. Sowvendra Shekhar too is a Santhal one of the many tribal communities in India. His books and works are exemplary on how diversity combined with literature will bring forward a d work whose perception is one that the world has never seen before. My Father’s Garden is a magnificent masterpiece exploring struggle and pain with mystery and depth. The reader empathizes with the characters even without knowing them and that is proof enough for how well written the book is.

4. Manish Gaekwad

Manish Gaekwad

Gaekwad deserves credit for writing a book that pulls at the heartstrings but does not make it painful. He has written a story that freezes the reader at the moment. This writer does not linger one subject but jumps from one theme to another. Words come to him as naturally as breathing. Nothing in his work Lean Days feels forced. The dialogues and the situations have harmony in a matrix of thoughts. He is a modern-day philosopher, and Lean Days are proof of that.

5. Mathangi Subramanian

Mathangi Subramanian

Her finesse is writing unpredictable words. Subramanian is the writer of a masterpiece like A People’s History of Heaven. She has explored poverty with an elegance that is impossible to forget. Her writing is also strangely optimistic, finding light in the darkened slums stricken by poverty. She wrote an incredible illustration of what womanhood means. There is sheer strength is what she forges. Her book answers the question, what is heaven; it is the book she wrote.