Books are a person’s best friend and it has been proven time and again. Books not only help you gain knowledge but also act as a therapy and help you kill boredom. There’s no limit on how one should read. As the saying goes, “You never stop learning”. Books are the best possible way to learn anything. Whether it is history, politics, any particular subject, or fiction. Having a bookshelf at your home ensures that you are never out of friends. Reading books also helps you in improving concentration power and at the same time, you are never out of answers. Reading helps you build an intellect and adds immense value to your personality. 20-30 is the age where you learn a lot of things, develop a thinking/ideology, and take some of the most important decisions of your life. Reading good books during this period can help you immensely in shaping your lives.

Here are 5 books that you must read before you turn 30

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad: This is one particular book that is hugely useful for people from any background or profession. This book is very useful if you want to learn the art of asset building and make your money work for you. The book has been penned by Robert T Kiyosaki who talks about his two dads- his real dad who is poor despite being hard-working and his friend’s dad who is super-rich. The message that the book gives is that one does not need a very high income to become rich. This book will help you a lot in savings and asset management in order to build wealth. It is not about earning a lot of money and becoming greedy. The book explains how you can use more money using your existing assets. 
  2. The Prophet: The prophet is a bestselling book worldwide. The writer Kahlil Gibran has compiled several short essays on various parts of life to explain the essence of life. This book is particularly very useful for those who complain a lot about the problems in their lives. The writer is talking to the residents of an island who have hosted him for years before he heads back to his home. The writer talks about the real meaning of love, giving, pain, law, friendship, children, etc. You will understand after reading this book that the real meaning of life is very different from what we think. This will help you in bringing clarity in your mind moving forward in your life. 
  3. To Kill a Mockingbird: This is one of the most popular books among young readers. It is also famous as ‘The American Novel’ and the reason behind it is its message of anti-racism. The book has been written by Harper Lee and the writer keeps on breaking stereotypes throughout the book. Being respectful to others irrespective of caste, creed or color is at the core of this book and the narrator who is a child explains the importance of duty and integrity to overcome injustice and intolerance. If you want to lead a life full of value, this book is a must-read. 
  4. The Diary of A Young Girl: The story of the book is poles apart from the cover of the book. However, Optimism is at the core of this book. A young Jewish girl Anne Frank narrates the story of the Holocaust in Amsterdam. The story dates back to June 12, 1942, when Anne received a diary as a gift for her thirteenth birthday and called it ‘maybe one of my nicest presents’. Anne and her family are endangered as the Nazis take control of the city and the Jewish population starts facing discrimination and harassment. The book talks about multiple battles of Anne’s life including the complications in her relationship with her sister and mother. If you want to see how optimism looks like, turn the pages of this bestseller.
  5. 1984: 1984 by George Orwell was first published June 8, 1949, and remains a bestseller till now. It was Orwell’s last book yet the vision that he had in 1949 was so deep to explain how the new world would be like. It is a combination of predictions and imaginations about the modern world that is enough to both, amuse you as well as haunt you. The gripping story and intense narrating style of the book make it a must-read to understand what this world has become and what has changed in half a century. This read will certainly polish your thinking and make you smarter.