Books are man’s best friend. And a woman’s too. They teach us something in every aspect of life and guide us through right and wrong. Contrary to what we are taught at school, books don’t just help in scoring marks. They make us smarter, wiser, and help us in taking crucial decisions. There is a book for every subject in this world. There are more than one book. The more we read, the more we contemplate, and the more we learn. There is not just a single way of doing something perfectly. Reading books introduces us to endless possibilities and makes us understand various aspects of this world.

One such aspect is business. Business doesn’t only mean earning money. It means putting your assets to work to increase your assets continuously. It is a process of endless growth. And hence, it is full of risks, confusion, failures, roadblocks, and new beginnings. With so many things happening simultaneously, a person may get mad and lose patience to continue. That is when books act as a guiding force. No one is born as a businessman. Books teach you the best ways of taking risks and they make you smart enough to tackle roadblocks and failures.

Starting a business is a thought that crosses the mind of many. If you are one of those people, we’ll help you know about 6 such books that can be of immense help to you and your business ideas.

1. Rework: Rework is not like any other business book. Penned by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried, the founders of software company 37signals, this book will act as a guide in your business journey. The book throws the idea of having a business plan out of the window and the writers think that having an external investor isn’t necessary at all. This straightforward approach towards business will grab your attention in the first few pages. This book will teach you the benefits of ignoring the competition. If you are someone who is trying it hard to gather the courage to start something on your own, start turning the pages of Rework right now.

2. Good to Great: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Some Don’t is just a business book. It is a management book written by Jim Collins. This book will teach you about organizing the management structure of your business growth to take it to the next level. Business is all about continuous growth and this book tells about the changes that you are required to bring in your approach to make it big.

Good to Great

3. Zero to One: Written by Payal CEO Peter Theil and Blake Masters, Zero to One will help in waking up the entrepreneur inside you. Success and failure are a part of business culture and only optimism can help you in overcoming failures and rising back to the path of success. Zero to One helps you in seeing startup culture from a new perspective and tells you about the importance of innovation. Peter Thiel has beautifully explained the future of progress in America and the role that modern technology and innovation are going to play in achieving it. This book is all about finding values at the places you least expect.

4. Little Red Book of Selling: Business means selling your products and selling your vision. This book explains why every businessman and entrepreneur needs to have the persuasiveness and spirit of a salesperson. Written by Jeffrey Gitomer, the books help the reading in improving their selling skills. It teaches you the art of selling an ordinary item like a very valuable one. Don’t confuse it with fooling the customer. The crux here is to add your value to the product so that the customer can’t turn down your offer. You will get to understand the industrial sale process in depth. This book will fill you with enthusiasm.

5. Will It Fly?: Isn’t this the question that arises in every individual’s mind before they start their first business or plan to scale their business? Rising questions in the mind is a good thing but having no answers to them may make the entire process confusing and fill you with self-doubt. Worry Not! Thomas K McKnight has got the answers to your questions. The author thinks of this books as a tool that will help the reader access and refine his/her new business ideas. The 44 checklists will help you in evaluating the success to failure probability ratio for your business idea. This will not only help you in making the required changes at the very beginning but will also prevent your money from flowing in the wrong direction. This book will help you in making your ideas clearer.

6. Rich Dad Poor Dad: This one is my favourite and irrespective of your profession, you must read this book. Robert T Kiyosaki is a genius who teaches the art of asset building while sharing his experiences. The writer explains why spending more and being rich are two different things. Whether you are a beginner or someone who is looking to take his/her business to the next level, Rich Dad Poor Dad will set many things straight for you. The book tells you about putting your money to work and avoiding overspending. This book differentiates greed and saving. Risk assessment, asset building, continuity, investment, and patience and a few important things that Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you.