Friends are not bad when they are good, but a book is never bad. Now let’s elaborate this, time may change a friend, but time will not change a book, and you know it very well that passing a time with a friend may give you fun but passing a time with a book will give you knowledge. And I am not here to criticize friends but friendship with a book can give you as much fun as a friend. And those who already have reading habits may understand this well enough. 

Don’t you miss Tom&Jerry

Yeah, I understand that now you have grown up, and prefer reading ‘The Daughter’s Tale by Armando Lucas Correa but remember your childhood days, your comics, that Champak and Panchatantra, didn’t they give you joy? Didn’t you hide the comics in textbooks? What I mean to say is that may your taste differ with time and your understanding capacity, but the motive of a book doesn’t change, and what is it? It is to spread knowledge and information. No book is bad. Yeah, the choice of authors may change from person to person. Some like to read books on eminent personalities, some like to read books on the latest happenings, some like fictional stories, some prefer non-fiction. it depends on the person’s area of interest. 

Books mesmerize

If you really love to read books then you can witness or you already have witnessed that characters in a book mesmerize us. As characters in a book can be a doctor, an actor, a lover, a scientist, a teacher. And how can you say that your favorite character doesn’t inspire you? Books are so inspirational that film directors are taking help from books to release a blockbuster movie. And this shows the power of a book. If an actor of a movie can mesmerize us then why can’t the character of a book. 

Good people read books for good cause

Books can help you achieve your goal in many ways. As there are so many books available in markets that can motivate you in achieving your goal. Suppose, you want to become like a famous personality, then you can get help from a book written about him/her, and that will help you a lot in knowing more about that personality, how he/she became so great. What roles did they play in their struggling time, how they overcame the obstacles, and many more. 

Book affects behavior

If you are a frequent reader of books written on yoga, then you will witness or you already have witnessed that your reading habit pushes you to do yoga. And it happens. Books affect behavior in many ways. If you are fond of reading different kinds of books, then you must have that curiosity of spreading your knowledge and information to others. And it is a common thing. If I will read so many books, then obviously, I will tell my friends also about the books that I liked and invite them to read that. 

Book in horror movies

The makers of a horror drama use books in a different manner. And it’s really funny, how they show an old book with a fascinating cover and someone narrates an unbelievable incident written in that book. And they are deadly, ‘Ab tumne is kitab ko padh liya, ab tumhe marna hoga’. Well, I will not make much fun of it as I am also fond of watching horror series and these things have given joy to most of the people who love watching horror shows. And why to talk only about the horror shows, even mystery thrillers have books in it, what we call ‘khazane waali kitab’. And what is common in those books is the fascinating covers and interesting anecdotes. 

Books and authors

A child reads a book and an adult reads an author. In childhood days books and stories are limited within a boundary, that is passing time, giving joy, etc. But a mature brain, not only prefers reading books but also loves to know about the authors, what made him/her write that creation. And these days authors are gaining much popularity and these mature brains play a major role in it. As they not only promote the books without any cost but their good reviews also benefit authors. And yes, it is a good practice. Well, sometimes book reviews also harm some authors financially. 

Last but not the least: Read a book, learn from it, and spread your knowledge and information. And also ask your friends if they have some good books for you.