The Christmas festival is just around the corner and everyone is preparing to celebrate the festival in their own way, with Christmas Dishes. One thing that unites different cultures in celebrating the festivals together. And no celebration is complete without delicious food. Christmas is celebrated in almost every part of the world and the snowfall in the western world makes it even more beautiful. Christman is all about forgetting your sorrows and welcoming happiness and new beginnings. Every year, people dress up and offer their prayers at the church before entering the party mode that goes on until the new year. Christmas is also special as it sets the tone for a new year party to start with a bang.

Since we are talking about food, we ought to talk about diversity. Christmas is a global festival and hence, it is obvious that several regions across the world have their own way of celebrating the festival and cooking their local cuisines. We are here to celebrate the diversity of food in particular and hence this blog is a compilation of the 8 most amazing Christmas dishes from across the world.

Bûche de Noël

Bûche de Noël the tree like cake

Bûche de Noël is a special Christmas dish from France. It is a dessert that is linked with the ancient tradition where families used to bring a tree into the house ahead of the celebrations. It is a dish made up of a rich chocolate sponge roll filled with frothy buttercream. The exterior part of the pudding is decorated to appear like a log. This is done to remember the tree-related tradition in a symbolic way. The dish is garnished with marzipan and powdered sugar.


Chocolatadas a major Christmas Dish

Chocolatadas is a special Christmas dish from Peru. It is a sweet concoction of condensed milk, Brandy, heavy cream, butter and spices. The traditional Christmas breakfast from the South American country is enjoyed by Peruvian families across the country. The dish is mainly served with Biscocho breads or Paneton which is a cake of Italian origin. The dish has gained its popularity in various parts of the world over the years.


Julbord Christmas Dish

Christmas is a very important festival in the western world and Sweden is no different. Julbord is not a dish but a feast that is enjoyed by the entire family or an entire group of people during the festival. It is a special kind of buffet that includes numerous delicacies such as pickled herring, flavoured cold meats, pates, reindeer sausage, stews, potatoes and cheeses. The preparation for the feast starts months before the festival.

Fest of the Seven Dishes

Fest of the Seven Dishes

Italy has a unique way of celebrating the festival and the feast of the seven dishes is a special kind of meal served in Southern Italian and many Italian-American households on Christmas Eve. People consider it as a meal enjoyed while waiting for the birth of Jesus. The dish is linked to the Roman Catholic tradition of meat abstinence. The dish contains 10 different types of fishes.


Hallaca Venezuelan Christmas Dish

Venezuela might be struggling with an economic crisis but it hasn’t forgotten its spirit to celebrate the Christmas festival. Hallaca is one of the oldest food traditions in the oil-rich country. The dish is prepared using colonial practices. European ingredients and indigenous ingredients are brought together to prepare the dish. It is prepared using different types of meats with raisins, capers and olives wrapped in cornmeal dough. All the ingredients are folded inside plantain leaves before being steamed.

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Kiviak the Christmas Dish of Greenland

Kiviak is a special Christmas dish from Greenland. Kiviak is prepared using raw flesh of whole small arctic birds that are wrapped in greasy sealskin and then buried underground for several months. The meat is dug up after it has achieved a certain level of decomposition and been softened by the fermentation process. The dish is then consumed as a pungent treat.

Polish Carp

Polish Carp is a Christmas Delicacy

Guessable from the name, Polish Carp is a special Christmas treat from Poland that is known for its unique way of celebrating festivals. It is a traditional dish that contains fish. For preparing the dish, freshwater fish is bought in advance and kept alive in large buckets or in the bathtub until Christmas eve for the fish to get optimal freshness. Before preparing the dish, the scales of the fishes are removed and the flesh is salted, deboned and fried slowly in olive oil. The dish is popular in several other parts of Europe.


Lebkuchen from Germany for Santa

Germany has an entirely different culture and Lebkuchen is a kind of German biscuit that looks like gingerbread cookies. The treat is prepared in different varieties of shapes and sizes. The dish tastes a combination of spicy and sweet as it is made from ingredients including honey, spice, cloves, ginger, cardamom and a mix of nuts and candied fruits. It is said to be first cooked by monks in the 13th century and the dish came into popularity since then.