Bengali dishes are popular not only in the state but across the country.

The eastern Indian state of West Bengal is one of the most diverse and culturally rich states in India. Apart from good music, the Durga Puja festival, the house of Rabindranath Tagore, and the marvellous tea plantations of Darjeeling, the state is famous for its unique and diverse cuisine that includes some mouth-watering dishes. From flavourful desserts that explode in your mouth to spicy curries and biryani, there’s a lot to explore in the street-side stalls and restaurants in West Bengal.

You can find the fans of Bengali sweets across the country. Whether it is the Malai Chap that melts in your mouth or the traditional Rosogulla, hundreds of Bengalis sweet dishes you can find in the food streets here. But Bengali dishes are not just about sweets. The street food in West Bengal is equally delicious. For someone who wants to taste every flavour of India, the quest can’t be complete without tasting Bengali dishes. This list features several such Bengali dishes that one must try.



There’s a popular misconception that Bengalis use fish in almost every dish. Shukto is one such dish that proves the misconception wrong. Shukto is a special type of dish prepared with several vegetables that include Brinjals, Drumsticks, Bitter Gourd, Bori, and Potato. The curry of the dish is prepared using spices and milk. Milk is used to give the curry a thick texture. It is generally served with Chapati.



If you know even a little about the Bengali culture, chances are that you’ve already heard of Sandesh. Sandesh is a special kind of sweet that is popular across the state. The main ingredient in the dish is Khoya, a material prepared from condensed milk for making desserts. The dish is neither too sweet nor tasteless. You can find the dish in almost every sweet shop in the state. 

Alur Dom: 

alur dom

When it comes to vegetables, potato is widely used in almost every corner of India. But there’s something special about the Bengali way of cooking potatoes. Alur Dom or Aloo Dum is one of the most popular dishes in Bengal. It is a dish that is prepared using potatoes that are generally round in shape. Traditional spices are added to the dish to make a spicy and flavourful curry. Potatoes are cooked in the curry for a brief period. The flavourful and aromatic dish is generally served with Luchi.

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Cholar Dal: 

cholar dal

Scholar Dal is a special Bengali delicacy that is prepared with Chana Dal. The dish has a mixed sweet and spicy taste. Generally served with steamed rice or Luchis, Scholar Dal is cooked in large vessels using traditional methods. Special kinds of spices, bay leaves, and cinnamon give the dish a unique taste and a special aroma. Coconut bits are also used in the dish to enhance its taste. It is one of the most common dishes in Bengali households.

Mochar Ghonto: 

mochar ghonto

A very special and unique Bengali dish, Mochar Ghonto is prepared using banana flower, crushed coconut, and potato. The key ingredients are mixed well and then cooked with cumin bay leaves to give them a flavourful taste. A mix of sweet and spicy tastes, the mouth-watering dish is an authentic and traditional vegetarian dish from West Bengal. It is another Bengali dish that proves that the taste of Bengali people goes beyond meat and non-vegetarian food. 

Mishti Doi: 

mishti doi

How can we not mention Mishti Doi while preparing a list of Bengali dishes? One of the most popular sweet dishes in the state, Mishti Doi, is nothing but a special kind of sweetened yogurt served on special occasions after the main course. It is generally served in a Kulhad and is topped with some dry fruits. While the dish originated in Bengal, it is now popular across the country. 


bengali dosa

Patishapta is Bengal’s response to South India’s Dosa. However, unlike Dosa, Patishapta is a sweet dish made in households across Bengal with a batter. The batter of the dish is prepared from battered rice. After making the dish from the batter, it is stuffed with sugar and khoya. Coconut bits are also used in the preparation of the dish. If you wish to try some unique Bengali dishes, you must include Patishapta in the list.