Kolkata is the city of joy. It is also the city of culture, literature, music, revolutionaries. But above all, it is the land of foodies. Just like any other part of the country, people in Kolkata are also fond of good food. History, charm, and good taste are integral to Kolkata’s culture and air. The street food of Kolkata is popular not just in Bengal but in the entire country. You can find delicious Indian, Mughlai, Bengali, and northeastern dishes in the restaurants across Kolkata. Kolkata has been a popular destination for foodies since the pre-Independence era. Apart from traditional Indian cuisines, you can also find Chinese, Portuguese, Armenian and Thai restaurants in the city.

The city’s food culture is among the best in the country. The city has a huge population of youths that include employed personnel, students, and college students who flock to the city’s streets to hang out with their friends and loved ones while enjoying their favorite food. The general perception about the city is that it is only famous for traditional Bengali sweets. However, there’s much more to the city’s diverse menu than just a bunch of sweets.

If you have been searching for some good places to eat in the city, this blog will guide you through some of the best restaurants of Kolkata.

Mrs. Magpie: 

Located near Southern Avenue, Mrs. Magpie is really a cool place to hang out with your friends while enjoying some mouth-watering dishes. Owned by Sohini Basu, the restaurant is mainly famous for its delicious cupcakes. In addition, the small yet quirky eatery serves different types of delicious sandwiches and a pot of Darjeeling, one of the most popular dishes on the menu. You can get all at this eatery, from different cupcakes to stuffed sandwiches and the traditional cup of tea.

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8th Day Cafe and Bakery: 

8th cafe and bakery

One of the best casual hangout spots for locals, 8th Day Cafe and Bakery serves lip-smacking brownies, banana bread, cinnamon rolls, healthy salads, and various sandwiches. The restaurant’s menu has got it all covered from breakfast to lunch and from evening snack to dinner. Do not miss the signature pour-over coffee or tea sourced from the Glenburn Tea Estate in Darjeeling while at this restaurant. In addition, you can enjoy performances from local indie musicians while enjoying your food.

Indian Coffee House: 

indian coffee house kolkata

How can we not mention the famous ICH? Indian Coffee House has been around for decades. Like any other major Indian city, it is one of the most popular places to eat here. The restaurant serves both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes that include South Indian dishes as well. Suppose you are looking for a good place to get traditional dishes at reasonable prices. In that case, the Indian Coffee House is the place to visit. Another thing that’s famous about the restaurant is the traditional beverages such as refreshing tea and coffee.



Suruchi is a very famous lunch canteen in Bengal run by the All Bengal Women’s Union, a self-help group. The canteen has been serving pure homestyle Bengali food at affordable prices since 1969. It is a low on show and high on taste restaurant to get your favorite food at very affordable prices. Among the most popular dishes on the canteen’s menu is the traditional thali. The restaurant is located at 89 Elliot Road.

Banana Leaf:

banana leaf

 If you are aware of South Indian culture, you can easily associate the restaurant’s name with South Indian dishes. Located on Rash Behari Avenue, the restaurant serves mouth-watering South Indian dishes, including Masala Dosa, Uttapam, Idli, Vada, and the refreshing Filter Coffee at reasonable prices. Fluffy kuzhi paniyaram balls are among the most unique and popular dishes on the restaurant’s menu. In addition, the restaurant serves special dishes, including the 15+ item special thali on Sundays.

Paris Cafe: 

paris cafe

‘Out of the Box’ is the word that perfectly suits the restaurant. Owned by Sneha Singhi, the restaurant will remind you of Paris, as its name suggests. The restaurant is known for its exquisite interiors that include very appealing furniture. You get a diverse eggetarian menu of omelets, sandwiches, and pasta. But there’s something extra in the restaurant’s menu that’s hard to find in other restaurants. Some of the scrumptious dishes you get at Paris Cafe include crepes and the very famous red velvet cake. While the restaurant is somewhat on the costlier side, it’s worth the taste. 

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Azad Hind: 

azad hind

Original is the word that best describes the restaurant. Multiple restaurant branches serve mouth-watering north Indian dishes that include a diverse Punjabi menu. For the lovers of non-vegetarian and Mughlai dishes, Azad Hind is among the best places to visit, especially when you are low on budget. The main branch of the restaurant is located at 12/1 Ballygunge Circular Road.