Banjara market is a very popular market in Gurugram’s Sector 56 that is famous for affordable and attractive home decor items, furniture, accessories, and crockeries. 

Run by the Nomadic people from Rajasthan, the Banjara market is the best place in NCR to purchase home decor items, mugs, tables, and utility furniture on a very limited budget. You can easily find interior decor items for your home, officer, or shop at very affordable rates. Suppose you want to make your home or office interior look more appealing without leaving a hole in your pocket. In that case, the Banjara market is one of the best places to visit. 

How to reach? 

banjara market

Banjara market is located in Gurugram city that is well connected to different parts of NCR by road. You can also take the metro to reach the market. The nearest metro to the market is Sector 56 rapid metro. The market is set up near HP Petrol Pump, Sector 56. It can be easily identified from a distance. It is nearly 31 km away from Rajeev Chowk Delhi and 42 km away from Noida sector 15. 

Who doesn’t want to decorate their house with attractive and appealing decor items? Who doesn’t want to have big mirror frames installed in their living rooms and washrooms? Banjara market is a one-stop destination where you can buy a vast range of items starting from designer coffee mugs to traditional mirror frames and partitions. The market is loaded with traditional Rajasthani furniture that we usually see in forts and palaces. 

While there are hundreds of items available in the market, we have compiled a list of some of the best items that you can get there and that too at very affordable prices.

Tables and Table Sets: 

Purchasing furniture from branded stores costs too much and might not fit every individual’s budget. At Banjara market, you can get your hands at uniquely designed tables, chairs, dining sets, stools at very reasonable prices. The intricate design and appealing looks of furniture available at the market will surely keep you interested. This market has some of the best coffee tables. 

Coffee Mugs: 

coffee mugs

Coffee mugs are everyone’s favorite. Whether you like coffee or not, the urge to buy new and designer coffee mugs are really hard to satisfy. The large mugs are used in serving beverages and make your kitchen cabin look more appealing. You can find a vast range of coffee mugs, tea mugs, coasters, trays, and boxes at this market. How cheap you get these items solely depends on your bargaining skills.

Flower Pots and Vases:

flower pots

It’s really hard to find dedicated shops for flower pots, vases, and similar decor items that fit your budget. Banjara market is one such place where you can easily get uniquely designed flower pots and vases that fit your budget. From metal to glass, they have flower pots and vases made up of different materials. The Rajasthani style of painting of flower pots gives it a unique and traditional look.

Mirrors Frames and Partitions: 

mirror frames

Modern-day art is cool, and all but anyone who says they haven’t dreamt of having a traditional wooden partition with the royal look or a full-length mirror would be lying. A mirror is one of the most common accessories that we need in our day-to-day life. The bigger the mirror, the better. You can find mirrors of different sizes at this market, and you can take the one you need for a home at a very reasonable price. The traditional wooden partition is another key attraction of this market. It’s something that we have seen in palaces or in old TV serials. You can find a vast range of partitions with unique designs in this market.