Hidden Gems of Unexplored India

unexplored hampi

India has a host of experiences to share and is a unique destination. But still, you just want to slip the masses out, stop overly crowded places and go to the unknown. We suggest some wonderful, unknown places in India which gradually get to the travel map if you are interested in travel to unexplored holiday destinations. Here is a compilation of some of India’s best offbeat sites.

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unexplored chambal

Chambal is one of India’s most popular offbeat mozon destinations. The city is situated about an hour’s drive from Agra in Central India. The region was established by the famed “Bandit Queen,” Phoolan Devi, and has a rich niche background instead of any tourist destination. Naturally, for travelers, it is now very secure. You must visit the National Chambal Shrine, home to a series of endemic species if you love wildlife.

This includes the Dolphins of the Ganges River, Gharials and other wildlife, and migratory birds. Explore this unconventional, untouched town next to the river for one or two days.

To get the best out of the wildlife around you, we suggest that you sit on your way to or from Chambal Safari Lodge.


unexplored wayanad

Wayanad is another offshoot of an offshoot of India’s summer resorts in the North Kerala region. You are captivated by the luxuriant green scenery, beautiful hills, valleys, and the splendor of the many breathing waterfalls. This is a great getaway from the clamorous city life, clean and pristine. The peaceful nature comfort makes it ideal for winter breakfasts. You must fly to Calicut, the nearest airport if traveling from Bombay.

When you come from Cochin, you can travel or take a flight depending on what you want. We suggest you stay at the Vythiri Resort in the rainforest to make the most of this mountainous district’s scenery.


unexplored hampi

The city of rocks does not sound uncomfortable for some tourists, but this is another unknown location in India, a long way from the lively tourist destinations. It is located in Karnataka, southern State, and accessible from Mumbai, Bangalore, and Goa. The UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hampi is one of the top destinations for backpackers and a beautiful ruin city. Go to the sun, go to one of many temples and embrace the quiet and fresh air, or just curl up with your favorite novel. You will spend comfortably 2 or even 3 days in this hot destination, and you will be desperate to return when you leave this paradise!


unexplored thanedar

The mountains were attracting attention! The town of Thanedhar is located in the State of Himachal Pradesh in the mighty Himalayas. Wake up to the mountains’ fascinating panorama and the valley of brightly colored apple trees that each season shift colors. The elegance of the environment allows you to go on runs, walks, or just laze around you. Continue on to Soyha or Kasauli from Shimla to Thanedhar to reach the region. The bliss of the pure essence is surprising to you. Stay here on Banjara Retreat and enjoy the fantastic views of this unexplored Indian region from your place.

Arunachal Pradesh

In the north-east part of India, Arunachal Pradesh is nestled. The untouched scenic habitat, consisting of hills, valleys, lakes, rivers, and much more, makes Arunachal unique. It’s a heaven for adventure tourists with plenty of walks like the Talley Valley, Thembang Trek, and Ziro. There is a spectacular ecosystem in all these destinations.

unexplored india

The Buddhist tradition also strongly influences Arunachal Pradesh. It houses the Bomdila Monastery and the Tawang Monastery, the second largest monastery in Asia founded in 1860 AD.

During Bomdila, several places like gompas, the Eaglenest Wildlife Shrine, the Sissa Orchid Shrine, and the Bomdila Pass are accessible. One of those year-round attractions in Arunachal Pradesh. There are many regional festivals such as the Free Festival, the Festival Ziro, and the Siang River, which has attracted international interest, at the mounds from June to September and the winter festivals from October to February.

We suggest checking in at Rey Homestay while at Arunachal Pradesh. Situated in Aalo’s tiny town. We strongly recommend Abor River Camp as an additional lodging. Get in contact with us for the right accommodation to meet your requirements and interests!


By far, our favorite offbeat Indian destinations. Coorg (also known as Kodagu), also referred to as Scotland of India, is a hill station situated in Karnataka, near the Western Ghats. This pleasant hill station is famous for its coffee plantations worldwide.

unexplored india, coorg

Coorg houses the temple of Omkareshwara, Lord Shiva’s shrine, which was installed in 1820. Its combination of Gothic and Islamic architectural influence is what makes the temple distinctive. The temple is situated in Madikeri, one of Coorg’s most popular destinations.

Abbey Falls should be included in your ‘must see’ list at Madikeri. Other points include Madikeri, Tomb of Raja, and Monastery of Tibet.

If you’re looking for a wildlife trip, visit a popular Tiger Reserve in India’s Nagarhole National Park. Spot the Royal Tiger of Bengal, the leopards, and over 250 bird species. Coorg is a mountain station, meaning the weather is good for the whole year.

Casa Coorg is our favorite for an offbeat stay among coffee plantations. In Kabini, one of the least established Indian tourist destinations, you can visit Nagarhole National Park via Coorg.



Kabini is now identified as Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, formerly a famous hunting site. Kabini is the perfect place for you when you’re a keen fan of wildlife. Kabini provides untouched views of tigers, elephants, and other animals, part of Nagarhole National Park. You’re sure to see a Black Panther lurking around if you’re lucky. A retreat for lovers of nature and photography. The Kabini Dam, a big affluent of Cauvery River, one of South India’s largest rivers, is a special attraction.

Kabini’s backwaters are perfect for exciting events such as kayaking.

Serai Kabini Waterfront is our favorite place to rest here. Making their luxury seafront villas your residence at Serai Kabini. Serai Kabini offers a perfect accommodation with its stone walls, timber floors, an illustrious dining area, and wine. This resort offers complete spa treatments as well. Will it improve?


Gokarna, unexplored india

Gokarna is an equally enticing offbeat beach destination in India, Karnataka. However, you may have heard of the much sought-after Goa. There are many pristine beaches in Gokarna, such as Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach, which will keep you spell based with crystal blue waters and warm sands. You don’t have to ride a ferry or hike it up. Paradise beach is not accessible by road. The Gokarna beaches are among the most popular tourist destinations, but it carries charm as a pilot hotspot. You may also take part in specific events such as water sports.

Here are various Yoga and wellness centers such as SwaSwara, Shanti Yoga Shala. Gokarna is a great getaway to the ocean. It also houses the Temple of Mahabaleshwara, a temple constructed based on Dravidian buildings 1,500 years ago. Lord Shiva, one of the main deities of the Hindu religion, is dedicated to this temple.

Namaste Cafe, a spot offering a specialty in well-being and yoga, is an excellent place to stay in Gokarna.

The main purpose of most visitors is to visit famous tourist destinations. But common are huge crowds and small experiences occasionally. Offbeat destinations help you get to the center and match your path. Though it is thrilling to fly to offbeat destinations in India, it is difficult to schedule your journey well and make well-educated choices. Contact us for your interests, budget, and more. We will ensure that you have the ideal travel experience, adapting it to your lifestyle and traveling style.