Fruits are a great source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Consuming fruits can have several health benefits and adding fruit to your daily diet can have numerous health benefits. Over 70 percent of the human body is water and fruits have a rich amount of water that prevents you from problems like dehydration. Dieticians across the world recommend the inclusion of fruits in breakfast and dinner as this prevents you from fat-rich food. Replacing fat-rich food items with fruits is a great idea as it can help you in preventing yourself from several gastronomical problems as well.

Fruits also have natural sugar and hence consuming more fruits over food containing artificial sugar may also prevent you from getting diabetes. While there are uncountable benefits of including fruits in your diet, we’re going to tell you about the top 6 benefits of consuming fruits.

  • Reducing Disease Risk: Consuming fruits ensures a sufficient quantity of water in the human body. They also boost oxygen supply and blood circulation in your body. This helps in the prevention of several diseases that include heart diseases, blood pressure problems, and various types of cancer. You can get rid of problems like heart attack and stroke just by including a portion of fruits in your diet.
  • Fighting Overeating: Overeating can be a major reason behind obesity – a problem that lakhs of people struggle with. Fruits contain sufficient amounts of fiber and thus they help in satisfying your hunger. Fruits prevent you from overeating and consuming junk food. This can help you in avoiding problems like obesity, being overweight, or irregular eating habits.
  • Rich in Nutrients: Apart from fiber and water, fruits contain ample amounts of vitamins and minerals. Fruits keep you energized throughout the day and prevent you from getting tired or exhausted. Fruits like banana and apple can prove to be a perfect pre-workout or post-workout meal. Since fruits are easy to find, they can be a really cheap option to suffice the daily nutrient requirements of your body.
  • Better Blood Circulation: The folic acid present in fruits boost the formation of red blood cells in your body. This helps in accelerating the blood production process and boosts the blood circulation in the body. This is why doctors recommend fruits for patients and women of child-bearing age.
  • Maintaining Blood Pressure: Potassium is a key ingredient that helps in maintaining the blood pressure of your body. Potassium-rich fruits like bananas, peaches, and apricots are very useful in maintaining healthy blood pressure. 
  • Help in Weight Loss: People struggling with issues like obesity can shift to fruits from food items containing fats and carbs. This helps people struggling with being overweight in cutting extra weight without remaining hungry. You can fill your tummy without gaining extra weight by shifting to a fruit-rich diet.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 fruits that are extremely beneficial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • Apple: ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ is the famous old quote that is highly beneficial in fighting diseases and remaining fit. Fat people can cut down the bad cholesterol level in their bodies by consuming dried apples. Apple has sufficient amounts of nutrients that fulfill the daily nutrients requirement of your body.


  • Banana: Banana is one such fruit that can help in both weight loss as well as weight gain. Bananas have rich amounts of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins such as vitamin B6. The versatility, rich availability, and cheap prices make bananas one of the most beneficial foods.


  • Oranges: The fruit contains citric acid and it is very helpful in fighting several risk factors including fasting blood sugar, high triglyceride levels, and high blood pressure. You can also get rich amounts of Vitamin C from Oranges and it boosts hair growth. Oranges also help in fighting cancer.


  • Blueberries: There are several health benefits of blueberries. The fruit rich in Vitamin D helps in boosting the immune system thereby increasing your body’s capacity to fight diseases. It also helps in strengthening your mental health and promotes better functioning of the brain.


  • Strawberry: It is not just a fancy thing to consume strawberries. Eating a strawberry with yogurt in breakfast may cut chances of esophageal cancer remarkably. Consuming strawberries regularly may also make you immune to diseases like skin cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer. Apart from this, you can also get sufficient amounts of Vitamin C from strawberries.