Your body is what you eat(snacks) and what you don’t. It is the food that fuels your body and helps your organs functioning properly. Just like any other part of the body, your diet also has an impact on your brain which could be either positive or negative. It is needless to mention that the brain is the most important part of our body and we need it to function properly in order to lead a healthy and successful life. A sharp mind helps you in solving problems in your life and also ensures the proper functioning of all other body parts. 

There are certain nutrients that are essential for the brain to function properly. Before we dig deep into the matter, I’ll tell you about the components that are vital to the brain’s functioning. 

  • Glucose: It is the brain that transmits signals to your body parts and they function only on the brain’s signals. For sending these signals, your brain requires a certain amount of energy which it gets mostly from glucose. 
  • Amino Acids: The Neurotransmitters in the brain are one of the most important functional parts of the brain. Amino Acid that is derived from protein helps in making your brain sharp. This improves the learning capability, alertness and concentration. 
  • Antioxidants: Oxidation may cause harm to your brain and antioxidants to prevent the process of oxidation. They remove harmful oxidising agents from the body.

Now, any of the food items containing the above components will be automatically beneficial for your brain. 

Let’s see 7 such snack items that can help your brain in functioning better.

  • Walnuts:  Walnuts are one of the healthiest dry fruit snacks on the planet and their benefit can’t be limited to one organ. Walnuts have high amounts of antioxidants and help in preventing oxidation. They also have rich amounts of DHA, protein and minerals. However, some people are allergic to walnuts and those with such an allergy must avoid eating walnuts.

Healthy Snacks Walnuts

  • Avocado: The small fruit has a vast range of benefits for the human body including the brain. Avocados have rich amounts of healthy carbs, fats and proteins. Apart from this, Avocados have ample amounts of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Folate, Potassium, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6. While Vitamin K promotes the synthesis of blood and helps in blood coagulation, Folate promotes the making of red blood cells and white blood cells in the bone marrow. It also helps in converting carbs into energy and producing DNA. The tiny fruits are also helpful in maintaining brain functions and making the nervous system healthy.

Healthy Food Avocado

  • Dark Chocolate: You might have read that dark chocolate is very beneficial in keeping your heart healthy and skin glowing. But there’s more to dark chocolates than a healthy heart. Rich amounts of flavanols are present in chocolates. Frequent consumption of dark chocolates is helpful in reducing cerebral infarction risks significantly. It also reduces the risks of deadly Hemorrhagic stroke and total stroke.

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Dark Chocolate a healthy snack

  • Green Tea: If you thought that Green Tea was helpful in keeping the blood sugar level in check then you need to learn a lot about its benefits. Green tea improves brain function by making your body healthy as it helps in shedding weight. It also has sufficient amounts of antioxidants that are vital for the proper functioning of the brain for a long period. Green Tea Consumption also reduces the risk of cancer. It also contains L-theanine that increases dopamine levels.

Green Tea a healthy drink

  • Spinach: Leafy vegetables are a very rich source of nutrients, and spinach is one of the richest leafy vegetables. Spinach contains sufficient amounts of Vitamin K, folate, beta carotene which is an antioxidant and lutein (another antioxidant). Both Vitamin K and antioxidants are highly beneficial for the functioning of the brain. Spinach also improves your skin health and makes you look younger. They also contain high amounts of Iron that help in gaining strength. 

Spinach unleash your Popeye

  • Sage: Sage is particularly very beneficial for the human mind. It is an antioxidant snack that also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It improves your memory and boosts your power to remember things. Sage is also helpful in providing pain relief. It contains calcium, Manganese, Vitamin B6, Iron and Vitamin K in sufficient amounts. It fulfils 10% of the body’s daily Vitamin K needs. Apart from this, sage also has caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, rosmarinic acid, ellagic acid and rutin.

Sage a healthy snacks

  • Tomatoes: It’s good that tomatoes are a part of our daily diets as they have numerous health benefits. They not only have rich antioxidant properties but also contain lycopene that regulates the genes in the brain that influence inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties make tomatoes a must-have food item. It boosts the thinking power and promotes better brain functioning.