Ginger can be easily found in every kitchen cabinet, especially in winter. Winters and ginger share a super special bond as winter mornings are incomplete without a cup of ginger tea. It gives immense pleasure and relieves the throat. Ginger is not limited to ginger tea. It has much more to offer and Ginger benefits are abundant. Ginger is one of the healthiest spices present in your kitchen cabinet. Ginger is known for its powerpack benefits for centuries. However, still, there are so many ginger benefits that are hidden from most people. We will be decoding all those hidden ginger benefits here!

Nowadays, it has become a trend to use an alternative the chemically originated medicine, and ginger is the perfect ingredient for the same. Ginger has everything in it that is needed to solve the issues related to healthcare, skincare, beauty care, or haircare. Yes! Besides adding to the flavor in dishes while cooking, ginger can do so much for the health and skin. Ginger is a star ingredient present in the kitchen, which can be used anytime, anywhere when you need it. Before listing out the ginger benefits, let’s know more about ginger.


ginger benefits

Ginger, or scientifically zingiber, is a perennial plant belonging to the family of Zingiberaceae family that contains essential oils. The plant has its origin in Southeast Asia. The ginger plant is grown in the humid tropics. India is its largest producer and is also grown in Japan, China, Africa, and some parts of America. Ginger is rich in proteins and minerals and many other components that make ginger a powerpack of benefits.


Ginger is a gull of benefits as it leaves no room empty when it comes to the benefits of ginger. It is beneficial in losing weight, glowing skin, healthy hair, and so on.

Let’s list out some amazing ginger benefits that are hidden from some and are quite helpful. 


The presence of antioxidants in ginger stimulates the flow of blood in the hair and hair follicles that promotes hair growth. The most annoying and common problem associated with the hair is dandruff, but thank god! Ginger has the solution for that, too, because of its antiseptic properties. Also, according to the researches, it was found that ginger is also helpful in the thickening of the hair. To avail of this benefit of ginger, grate fresh ginger with any of the hair oil and apply it to the hair and leave it for half an hour or more and then wash it out using a mild shampoo.

benefits of ginger


Ginger has over 40 antioxidant compounds that remove toxins and enhances blood circulation. This helps in the delivery of more nutrients to the skin. Hence, this improves the appearance of the skin and protects the skin from the signs of aging. Also, the antioxidants protect the skin from the damage of free radicals and make the skin look youthful and glowing. The presence of so many components in ginger makes it effective in the removal of scars and blemishes and soothes irritated or burnt skin. But you have to make sure before its application that the ginger you use is fresh.


Ginger works best in digestion and decreases inflammation. The ginger is packed with compounds called Shogaols and gingerols that help stimulate biological activities, which helps lose weight. Also, according to a study, if the persons suffering from obesity consume the ginger, they stay fuller a little longer and keep their blood sugar levels in control that acts as a key to weight loss. 

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Morning sickness is a common problem faced by many people, especially by women in pregnancy. The presence of antioxidants and other ginger components helps reduce the symptoms of morning sickness such as vomiting, nausea, uneasiness, etc. But before consuming it in pregnancy, do enquire about it from your doctor. 



Every single month a female has to go through the hell-like situation of menstrual flow. With the loss of blood, some face severe pain and cramps, too, and nothing can relieve that pain, but ginger can reduce it to an extent. According to the studies, consuming 200 to 500mg of ginger powder in the first 2 to 3 days of the menstrual cycle can help in relieving menstrual cramps. However, these menstrual cramps don’t get vanished even with the pain killers, too, and with ginger too, maybe it will not vanish but will surely give you a sigh of relief!


Ginger is the best ingredient to use when suffering from a severe or normal cough and cold. Even with a single cup of ginger tea, the relief can be felt. The compounds gingerol and Shogaol are of great help when it comes to fighting the cold. Also, it helps reduce the pain and fever that occurs due to the cold and suppresses the cough. According to the studies, ginger has proved to give the warm effect of a boon in suppressing cough and cold. Also, it is beneficial for many respiratory infections.