Adopting a healthy lifestyle is always a great idea, and it’s never too late to leave behind all the unhealthy habits and shift the focus on fitness. So if you have just started going to the gym with no previous experience and think that you aren’t getting the desired results. You compare yourself with other people in the gym, and your progress is far less than their progress. What could be the reason behind this? We will try to decode it here. 

Going to the gym doesn’t just mean lifting heavy weights and loading carbs and protein to get a He-man-like physique overnight. Like any other process, fitness is a lengthy process, and it takes time before you can show the mirror to a healthy version of yourself.

Now, beginners make a lot of common workout mistakes when they start going to the gym. These mistakes may be very minute but can affect the progress significantly. This is why you need a professional or a trainer to guide you. For those who can’t afford one, don’t worry.

We will guide you like a virtual trainer while figuring out the most common workout mistakes.

Avoiding Warmup: 

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A mistake that a lot of people, and not just beginners, commit is skipping the warmup. Many people think that a lot of energy is consumed in warmup, so they won’t be able to hit more weights. This mindset can not just affect the progress but may also cause injuries. A proper warmup opens up your body, increasing the body temperature, blood flow, and heart rate slightly to prepare the body for the workout. It also relaxes your joints and improves mobility. Without a proper warmup, you may feel stiffness in the muscles during the workout. It may also lead to lasting pain or injuries.

Avoiding Compound Movements: 

compound movements
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Once you join the gym, it takes some time before you can challenge yourself by lifting heavier weights. However, some people don’t like the idea of heavyweights. Beginners generally tend to avoid the ‘Big 5’ exercise- Deadlift, Bench Press, Squat, Shoulder Press, and Pull-Up. These exercises indeed require more strength, stability, and stamina than other exercises. Still, these are the same exercises that will help you grow in size and build muscle mass. You should never avoid these exercises and hit them at least twice a week.

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No Strength Training: 

strength training
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If your only goal is to build stamina, you can do it by cycling or running. There’s no need to pay money and go to the gym for this. If you are going to the gym, your focus must be on building strength and endurance. This can’t be done simply by running on a treadmill. Strength training not only increases the amount of muscle mass in the body but also improves bone density. Strength training also helps in improving stamina.

No Eating Schedule: 

No matter how much weight you lift at the gym, you won’t get a desirable physique unless you complement it with a balanced and protein-rich diet. Workout is 40% of your physique, while the rest 60% is diet. You must ensure that you are consuming 1g to 1.5g of protein per kg body weight. Apart from this, your diet should also have rich amounts of carbs, fibers, healthy fats, and Iron. You need to make small changes in your eating schedule as well as your menu. Instead of overloading your stomach with 2 large meals, divide your eating cycle into 4-5 small meals.


ego lifting
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Ego Lifting is one of the most common problems among beginners. We live in a world where people feel the urge to share everything on social media. To impress the followers on social media, beginners often try to lift more than their capability. This is called ego-lifting, and it won’t lead you anywhere except to the hospital in a few cases. Remember that your goal is to develop strength and get your desired physique. You are not in the gym to compete with others or lift super heavyweight to seek validation or impress people on social media. Your focus should be on mastering the form. Weight will automatically increase with the development of strength.

Doing Repetitive Exercises: 

While going to the gym should be getting strong, some people just focus on looking strong. A lot of people, especially beginners, do at the gym is regularly hitting certain muscles such as biceps and chest to look big or bulky in front of others. This is like a bubble that can burst at any moment. To get a balanced and fit body, you need to have strong legs and an equally strong core. This is why you need to focus more on compound movements. Work on your core strength instead of hitting those bicep curls every day just to impress others.