Work is important but try to give importance to life as well because it’s a precious gift by God, don’t waste it in only solving problems, struggle, and headache. In this fast forward world, getting a good job is really very difficult, and after we get that, we give our much attention to it, and we make sure that we perform our task with much sincerity, and obviously, we should do that. But in the race of becoming a perfect worker, we forget that we have to take care of ourselves also. We must not forget that we have a family, we have a wonderful life, who will take care of them? 

Learn managing time

In-office hours, do your duty with honesty, give your best to your task, make it as attractive as you can. As these things will step you forward. But once you are at your home, try to avoid recalling about office work, as thinking much about the task will give you, unwanted headache and unintentionally you will forward that to your family members. And yes you are not working for that, you are working to give your family happiness and not stress. 

Try to be cheerful

When you will smile, the world will smile. Always present yourself in front of others with a good face, and by a good face, I don’t mean apply makeup but apply a wonderful smile. And this practice will prevent the probable issues that were waiting for you. And yes you can carry this smile wherever you go as you won’t be charged for this. Greet everyone with kindness and in return, you will also get the same. 

Avoid purchasing tensions

You must be aware of the things that you don’t like to do. And if you don’t know then try to find it as it will help you a lot. If you are sure that yes, I won’t like to do this, then don’t do it. As a work done under pressure and with unwillingness will not benefit much. And if you are to do it for compulsion, then prepare your mind for it. 

Anger will not work

If you get irritated very easily, then please try to work on it, as this habit is not at all welcomed at the workplace. Nobody will tolerate this neither your seniors nor your junior. As everyone needs respect, and you are bound to get angry after much irritation, and your anger may cost you a bigger price. And why to talk only about the workplace. Even your family members will not like this negative behavior, as they also prefer love and affection. Who will say that yes I love you, when you get abused or scolded, nobody will say that. So, you will have to avoid this habit. 

Treat yourself

Organize a party for yourself, invite your friends, and have fun. These are special creatures that can make you laugh when you are about to cry. And treatment of headache is like a sip of vodka for them. Ask your friends to steal your tension but beware some naughty ones may even steal your money. 

Gift your family a trip

If you think that your office work is giving you frequent tensions then please take some time and ask your family for a trip to a beautiful place which suits your budget. As having some special time with your loved ones will relieve you much. And it’s necessary also as our brain also needs some refreshments. And you will witness that after a vacation, you are working with more efficiency. This will improve the way you work, it will increase productivity.

Separate your office life and personal life

If your office life is getting much cozier with your personal life, then please ask them to maintain some distance, as they have different characters. In your office you need skills to work but please don’t apply those skills in your home, as family needs your affection more than your skills. 

Lost in office found in hospital

This is not a rhyming phrase, this can be your future if you will not work on your health, as people these days are working less and worrying more. And this habit is not at all good for their health as our body is not a machine, and even machine crashes, so how can we expect our body to tolerate our stupidity. The habit of welcoming unwanted stress can prepare a beautifully equipped ambulance for us, so please don’t let this happen.

Last but not least: A free mind can bless you fortunes and headaches will give you medicine and choice is yours. ‘Aur intelligent toh ho hi aap’.