Aliv seeds, also known as Garden cress seeds or Halim seeds, are a special kind of tiny seeds that have been an integral part of the treatment system in India since the Vedic period. Aliv is the local name for the seeds. It is also known as Chandrapur in the Hindi language. Apart from it, there are several names for the seeds in different regional languages. The medicinal seeds have rich amounts of protein, fiber, phenolic acids, and other natural compounds. All these nutrients make Aliv seeds extremely beneficial for our health. This is the region that they were added to in foods in ancient India. 

The importance of Aliv seeds was recognized centuries ago. They have been in medicinal and household use for ages now. There are hundreds of health benefits related to the consumption of Aliv seeds. They can be added in medicines, cooked with food or used as it is. From reducing the risk of cancer to preventing obesity, the benefits of aliv seeds are amazing. We’re going to discuss some of the key benefits of Aliv seeds.

Reduces The Risk of Breast Cancer: 

aliv seeds

The incidents of breast cancer are on the rise worldwide, but nations with poor nutrition are the worst affected. Women are getting affected by it at a very young age due to a lack of awareness and proper diet. Late detection is another reason behind the disease turning fatal in most cases. Aliv seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that cut the risk of developing breast cancer. A compound called Glucosinolates is present in Aliv seeds known to prevent the development of cancer cells in the body.

Boost Haemoglobin Level: 

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Aliv seeds contain rich amounts of iron and help in boosting the hemoglobin level in the body. This, in turn, prevents you from diseases like anemia that are mainly caused due to a decline in hemoglobin levels in the body. To maximize the effect, you can consume a citrus fruit as Vitamin C increases the iron absorption from food. It is particularly very beneficial for adolescent girls.

Preventing Obesity: 

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The cases of obesity are rising in India, and poor nutrition is not the only reason behind it. It is also the disappearance of beneficial foods that find mention in Ayurveda. Aliv seeds are one of those secret ingredients that help individuals in fighting obesity. They have rich amounts of protein that load up the body with essential energy without overloading it with unhealthy fat. Aliv seeds also have rich amounts of antioxidants that help the body fight diseases by boosting the immune system.

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Helpful for Those Suffering With Cardiac Problems: 

Cardiovascular diseases are spreading across the world at a very fast pace. There are limited ways to curb the spread and make the illnesses less deadly. The only natural way to do it is by proper nutrition. Adding Aliv seeds to your diet and consuming it daily helps people build a strong immune response against such life-threatening diseases. 

Helpful for Asthma Patients: 


Aliv seeds help strengthen the immune system of the body and prove helpful in case of respiratory diseases. Asthma is one of the diseases that is considered incurable and claims hundreds of lives every year. This risk can be cut significantly by regular consumption of Aliv seeds as it has broncho-dilator properties. Aliv seeds help in expanding the bronchial to provide relief against Asthma and similar diseases.

Improves Skin Health: 

Nowadays, we use a lot of expensive cosmetics to get rid of skin-related problems. Even after spending money, the results we get are not desirable. This can be changed using Aliv seeds in the form of a paste or a face mask. Apart from being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, Aliv seeds also have antibacterial properties. You can soak Aliv seeds in water, make a paste from them and use it as a face pack or mask on your face to get clear and spotless skin. 

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Improved Memory: 

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Interestingly, Aliv seeds are also a proven memory-booster. Aliv seeds contain arachidonic acid and linolenic acid, which help in boosting memory. You’ll see the difference in your remembering power after daily consumption of Aliv seeds for several months. These seeds also have sufficient amounts of goitrogens which reduce the iodine absorption necessary for Normal Thyroids Function. However, do not consume Aliv seeds in excess as they can cause bloating and flatulence. The reason behind this is the high fiber content in Aliv seeds.