The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of nearly 7,641 islands that are subdivided into three divisions: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The vast range of islands in the Philippines makes it possible for a traveler to visit the nation multiple times and not get bored even then. From mountain ranges to tropical and metropolitan regions, the landscapes in the Philippines are diverse and beautiful. The cities in the Philippines feature a beautiful blend of historic colonial structures and modern buildings that are also a symbol of the Philippines’ growing economy that has a lot to do with the tourism and travel sector.

Apart from the natural beauty and greenery that remain encapsulated in wildlife sanctuaries and forests of the Philippines, it is also home to some of the very marvelous beaches, thanks to the majestic Pacific Ocean that surrounds the archipelagic nation. It is a goto place for adventure lovers and activities like hiking will give you a thrill while in the Philippines. Just like Thailand and Indonesia, this tropical island nation is a perfect blend of beach life and city life. The list below will help you in selecting your favorite destinations while traveling to the Philippines.

1. Bohol: Before you move towards the engineering marvels and man-made beauties, you must head to soak in the experience of witnessing the Philippines’ natural beauty. Bohol is an island located in the central visayas region and is very different from what you can make of city life. The most famous sight here is the Chocolate Hills in Carmen. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and comprises geological formations that turn brown in the dry season looking like a huge chocolate formation. You will also get to see a large-eyed creature named Tarsier while in Bohol. A walk close to the natural landscapes is nothing less than finding a treasure in exchange for a minimal price.


2. Boracay: If beaches are the reason that has pulled you towards the Philippines, you should head to Boracay without wasting a moment. Popularly called the Beach Capital of the Philippines, Boracay is home to more than 12 beautiful beaches. The tiny island is located in the West Visayas region and is known for offering water-based sports experiences at pocket-friendly prices. There is no better place in the Philippines than Boracay to enjoy a relaxing holiday near a beach while soaking in the sunlight. The most famous beach here is White Beach. Cagba Beach here is another center of attraction due to the caves near it. The island also has some cool resorts. You must not miss taking a day trip to Mount Luhu – the highest point of the highland for a breathtaking panoramic view.


3. Vigan: You can’t know a place without knowing its history. And if history is something that excites you, Vigan must be on your travel list during your visit to the Philippines. This charming town is located in the Luzon region and the ambiance here is unmatchable. You will witness an unorthodox blend of Chinese and Spanish influence. The colonial structures dating back to the 18th century – the time of Spanish occupation, give the city a unique look. You can enjoy a horse ride while moving along these historic structures. Among the best structures here is the Bantay Bell Tower, which gives you the perfect view of the historic city. The local craftsmen and historical architecture here will bring you closer to the country. The local population here is very polite and welcoming. Do not miss to visit the St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral before bidding adieu to the city.


4. Cebu: Located in the Central Visayas region, Cebu is said to be the first Spanish settlement in the country. The charm of this place is unmatchable. Cebu houses some of the most exciting and beautiful diving and snorkeling spots in the country. If you have a thing for experiencing life underwater, Cebu is the best place to go to. The sea caves near the water in Cebu are heaven for photography lovers and adventure junkies. Once you are done with the underwater activities, you should head to the Sudlon national park which is at an hour’s distance from the main city, for an unforgettable exploration and hiking experience. The museums and cathedrals in Cebu city give travelers an opportunity to explore a variety of things in one place.


5. Manila: Manila is the capital of the Philippines and also the most famous city of the country. Located on the island of Luzon, Manila is poles apart from places like Boracay or Bohol. It is the best place to enjoy the nightlife in the Philippines. One of the most iconic things here is traveling on the colorful jeepneys here. The local culture, bustling city life, and local dishes make Manila a must-visit spot. The beautiful Rizal Park and the San Agustin Church that dates back to the 16th century are some of the most popular places to visit here. Quiapo Church is another famous place that sees a lot of activity on Friday as thousands of local people gather for worship. This is where you can get local fruits and gifts at the cheapest price. The city’s airport is well-connected with major cities around the world and this is where you will land from wherever you are traveling.