There are numerous ways one could travel from one place to another. But, there’s something very thrilling about train rides. It is one such way of transportation that takes you through various landscapes and landmasses in a single journey. A train ride is not only a journey but an experience in itself. If there is anything that can beat the thrill of watching the clouds from the window seat of a plane is sitting next to the window seat of a train. What could be more interesting than reaching your destination while looking at beautiful green fields, snow-covered terrains, sparkling water bodies, and towering bridges? Train rides are equally popular in the developed world as well as in the developing world. Train rides unify people from all classes. Below is a list of 5 of the most thrilling train ride experiences that you can get across the world:

1. TranzAlpine NewZealand: This train route passes through one of the most scenic landscapes in the country. The train starts from Christchurch and travels through the fertile fields of the Canterbury Plains alongside the Waimakariri River. The most interesting part of the journey begins when the train enters the mountainous region to cross the Staircase Viaduct. This is when you will travel through the marvelous snow-laden mountains and fields. The train looks like a caterpillar moving across a vast snowy field. The train makes its way through Arthur’s Pass National Park, the TranzAlpine chugs onward through the west coast’s subtropical rainforests. After a thrilling train journey, you will reach a beautiful destination, the town of Greymouth.

2. Trans-Siberian Route Russia: Covering a length of 5772 miles, the Trans-Siberian is one of the longest rail routes in the world. The journey starts from the capital city Moscow and ends at Vladivostok. Apart from the length, the route is astonishingly beautiful due to the variety of landscapes that fall in the route. Crossing over the Ural mountains, the train enters the dense Siberian forests, a one of its kind journey. In your eight-day long journey, you will see the train passing over the gigantic 3227-foot-long bridge that crosses the River Ob at Novosibirsk. You will also see the train crossing over the serene Lake Baikal, the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume.

3. Glacier Express Switzerland: There is a saying that goes like, “Roads were made for journeys, not destinations”. It is equally true for railway routes like this one. Apart from the charm and romance that is filled in Switzerland’s air, it is the railway routes stretched across the country that make the journey worthwhile. The Glacier Express passes through one such route that will make you wish that the journey goes on forever. Glacier Express connects two of Switzerland’s most scenic mountain resorts, Zermatt and St Moritz. There is no better way to soak in the beauty of the Swiss Alps than taking this train ride. Starting the journey from Zermatt, the train passes through 91 tunnels and 291 bridges while taking you across several marvelous mountain lakes, picture-perfect hamlets, and alpine meadows. One of the highlights of the journey is when the train crosses Oberalp Pass, the highest point on the ride at 6706 feet. One must travel on this route once in their lives.

4. Belmond Hiram Bingham Peru: Apart from its lush green field and mountains, many travelers visit Peru to experience the Belmond Hiram Bingham train ride, which is a luxury train journey. Starting its journey from Cusco, the train travels across the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a stunning valley formed by the winding Urubamba River. Next on the route is the tiny village of Ollantaytambo. The journey ends at Machu Picchu, a gem of a place.

5. The Maharajas’ Express: This train is on the list to change your perspective about the Indian Railways, one of the largest rail networks in the world. The Maharajas’ Express can give any 5-Star Hotel a run for their money. It is royalty and luxury personified. Traveling from Delhi to Mumbai, this train journey will give you the experience that you can’t get everywhere. One of the costliest trains, everything about this journey is royal. From its golden suites to shiny bed sheets and from its delicious food to palace-like interiors, this train is a palace on wheels. One your journey, you will see the Taj Mahal at sunset, tigers & leopards in Ranthambore National Park, Jaipur city, a polo match with elephants & and walk through Udaipur. Couldn’t have asked for more. Could you?