When Foreign travelers enter India, most of them head either to Goa to enjoy a holiday along the coasts of serene beaches or the northern part of the country. But, the southern part of the country has equally mesmerizing destinations that beg to be explored. South India comprises five states that include Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. Apart from unique languages each of these 5 states have managed to keep their culture and identity intact. From lush green forest covers to towering mountains and glorious waterfalls, South India has an abundance of natural beauty.

South India has many such destinations that are less traveled but possess every quality that a picture-perfect holiday destination needs. Apart from the holiday destinations and picturesque landscapes, the traditional South Indian food will leave you amazed. From India’s glorious past to its traditional values, South Indian tells the story of the thousands of years old civilization that survived despite several roadblocks posed by foreign agents. South India is also the home to some of the country’s most marvelous temples that are a living example of the rich architecture of ancient India. Here is a list of five must-visit spots in south India:

1.Kerala Backwaters: One thing that is common between the northern paradise i.e. Kashmir and the land of gods i.e. Kerala is the unique experience of living on a houseboat. Kerala is the synonym of paradise. Famous for its backwaters, Kerala gives travelers the opportunity of sailing through the canals that are known as backwaters. The Palm trees bordering the backwaters make it a breathtaking destination to enjoy your holidays. You can enjoy traditional dishes or exquisite seafood while staying at a resort. Another key place to visit in Kerala is the famous Varkala beach that will fill your heart with joy. Bordered by the tall coconut trees, the serene beach is a perfect spot to chill.

Kerala Backwaters

2. Hampi, Karnataka: Foreign invaders came, destroyed, and left, but Hampi stood tall like a pillar of strength that continues to guide the Indian civilization till now. An epitome of the glorious Indian civilization, Hampi was the last capital of Vijayanagar, one of the greatest Hindu empires in India’s history. Even the ruins in Hampi are more beautiful than many modern-day architectures. Hampi comprises 1600 monumental remains dating back to the 14th century, that stand tall over an area of 16 square miles to tell the unmatchable glory of ancient Indian culture. The world heritage site is also the home to some of the ancient Hindu temples that date back to the 7th century. The architectural remains in Hampi are proof that the ancient Indian engineers were far ahead of their times.

Hampi, Karnataka

3. Pondicherry: One of the 8 Indian Union Territories, Pondicherry or Puducherry was a former 18th-century French colony and the influence of the French culture is visible in the Union Territories architecture. The city has some of the cleanest beaches including the Paradise beach that is also called the golden sand beach. It is the place where the Indian and French cultures meet an exquisite amalgamation. The pleasant weather and picturesque streets are pure bliss for your social media feed. Apart from the attractive French architecture and serene beaches, you can also enjoy delicious seafood and mouth-watering French cuisine. You can also try your hands at scuba diving while in Pondicherry.


4. Kanyakumari: The coastal town in Tamil Nadu is the last Indian town towards the south. Next to Kanyakumari is the Laccadive sea. For some it is a holiday destination, for some, it is a pilgrimage destination and for some others, Kanyakumari is where they witness spirituality. Many people go to Kanyakumari only to witness the mesmerizing view of Sunrise and Sunset. Holy Kumari Amman Temple and Lord Subramanya Temple make it a holy pilgrimage site for Hindu pilgrims. The Vattakottai Fort is the best place to understand Kanyakumari’s history. Courtallam Falls and Sanguthurai Beach are some of the key places to enjoy your holiday. The Thiruvalluvar statue situated off the coast of the beautiful Kanyakumari beach is another key point of attraction.


5. Coorg: This is hands down the best non-beach holiday destination in this part of the country. Coorg is unlike any other travel destination in the country located amidst majestic mountains and lush green fields of Karnataka. A heaven for nature lovers, Coorg will take your breath away and yet make you feel alive and refreshing. You can enjoy staying at a traditional hut or resort and wake up to the soothing smell of coffee plantation. The journey is as beautiful as the destination courtesy the adventurous roads cutting through the lush green mountains. This is the best place to visit if you are looking for a relaxing holiday. You can enjoy river rafting and trekking at Coorg. Abbey Falls is one of the top places of attraction in Coorg.