Romania is a beautiful and culturally rich country located in Central Europe. It is the twelfth largest country in Europe by area and seventh-biggest in terms of population. The country is known for its forests, historic structures, castles, churches, food and preserved medieval towns. Romania is a perfect place to explore for adventure lovers and history buffs. The country is surrounded by Carpathian mountains that make the country look scenic. There’s a perfect blend of natural beauty and folk culture in Romania. From breathtaking architecture to scenic landscapes, Romania is a perfect place to enjoy a vacation.

The country is mainly known for its Transylvania region. Bucharest is the capital and the largest city of Romania. Romania got independence from the Ottoman empire in 1877 and the historic structures in the country showcase glimpses of the empire. Unlike some of the developed countries in Europe, Romania is a developing country. However, the GDP of the country is quite strong with the netizens enjoying high-income. The name Romania comes from Rome and the meaning of the name is “citizen of Rome”. Rome is a wonderful place to visit for anyone who has an interest in history, art and remaining devoid of luxuries for a few days doesn’t bother them. While there are a lot of places to visit in Romania, this list comprises 8 of those places.

8. Vama Veche: Vama Veche is a beach destination located near the Bulgarian border. The beautiful tourist location is located on the coast of the Black Sea. It can be also called the party capital of Romania as most of the people come here for that. The clubs and bear here are open round the clock and the party scene here is dope. The beachfront bars and restaurants are the main attraction in Vama Veche. The scenes here are especially dope during the weekends.

7. Suceava: If you want to understand Romania’s culture and history in-depth, you must visit Suceava. Suceava is the home to Painted Monasteries. It is an important place to visit as it holds historic significance. Some famous places to visit in Suceava include the Saint George’s Church that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Bucovina Ethnographic Museum, and the Princely Court. This place provides you with easy access to many famous forts in the region. The nightlife here is also very happening. 

6. Cluj-Napoca: A university town and a picturesque region, Cluj-Napoca is the unofficial capital of Transylvania. This place also holds a significant place in Romania’s history and the ancient structures here tell the story of the Saxon rule. The charming town is also the film capital of Romania. Key places to visit in Cluj include Piața Unirii, a Gothic-style church, the baroque-era Bánffy Palace and statue of King Matthias Corvinus dating back to the 15th century. You can easily reach the Apuseni Maramures mountain ranges from here.

5. Sulina: It is not every day that you try your hands at fishing at a local fishing point. Well, Sulina will provide you with ample opportunities to try your hands at fishing and many more things that you haven’t done before. Most of the tourists visit this place for a relaxing stay before heading towards the Black Sea. You can visit the famous Argamum and Enisala, a medieval fortress, monasteries and several other unique structures. Don’t forget to explore the Danube Delta Biosphere while in Sulina.

4. Sighișoara: The town dates back to the 12th century. It is one of the best-preserved towns in Europe with streets dotted with colourful buildings. The vibrant appearance of this town makes it perfect for capturing memorable pictures. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also the birthplace of Vlad Dracula and you can learn everything about Dracula legend here. The nine towers, burgher houses and churches are key places of attraction in Sighisoara.

3. Sibiu: One of the most beautiful and scenic places with a jaw-dropping backdrop, Sibius boasts the cultural richness in Romania. The baroque squares and quaint cobblestone streets are the highlights of the city. Romania’s first library, pharmacy and a hospital came up in Sibiu and it tells enough about the rich civilisation here. The key attraction points in Sibiu are the Brukenthal National Museum, the Gothic church with 6,002 pipes, the tomb of Prince Mihnea the Bad and the ASTRA National Museum Complex. It can be also considered as the festival capital of Sibiu due to the number of festivals here.

2. Brasov: The mighty Carpathian mountains guard Brasov, providing it with a nature-rich backdrop. It is one of the most visited places in the whole of Romania. The famous Black Church with 4,000 pipe organs is the key attraction in this place. Brasov is a perfect blend of the old and the new. The stunning landscapes here make it one of the most clicked places in the country. Bran Castle that is also known as Dracula Castle is another famous place to visit here. Taking a walk through the streets of Brasov is an experience in itself. 

1. Bucharest: Bucharest is the capital and also the largest city of Romania. You can’t visit Romania without visiting Bucharest and this is the place where modern Romania flourishes while keeping its history and culture intact. There are tons of places to visit in Bucharest with the most famous being the communist-era Palatul Parlamentului government building that has 1,100 rooms, making it the second-largest building on the planet. The 17th-century parks and unique streets add to the charm of this place. The nightlife in Bucharest is the best in the country.