Ajodhya Hills is a small plateau in the Purulia district of West Bengal that has emerged as a tourist spot. It is actually an extended part of the Eastern Ghats range. Located close to Bagmundi, Ajodhya Hills is surrounded by several hills and a vast green cover. The highest peak of Ajodhya Hills is Chamtaburu. It is a popular spot for adventure junkies in the region. It offers a platform for several activities like rock climbing and trekking. 

How to reach Ajodhya Hills?

You can reach Ajodhya Hills via three routes. You can reach Ajodhya Hills via Jhalda, via Sirkabad, and via Baghmundi. It is easily accessible from Kolkata. The best way to travel to Ajodhya Hills from Kolkata is via train. The total distance between Kolkata and Ajodhya Hills is nearly 323 km.

ajodhya hills

You can board your train at Santragachi station. After a 4 hours long journey, you will reach Purulia station, the nearest station of Ajodhya Hill. From there, you can either take a bus or hire a private cab to reach Ajodhya Hills. Traveling by bus is the cheapest option and the journey time is not too long either. However, if you are looking for a more comfortable option, you can opt for a private cab.

The bus ticket price from the Purulia railway station to Ajodhya hill is just 35 km. 

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Stay Options

While Ajodhya hilltop is not among the top tourist destinations, there are several stay options near the hill where you can freshen up and enjoy a light meal upon reaching your destination.

You can explore the entire region, including the Ajodhya hilltop, in a couple of days. Sightseeing is among the best things to do when at Ajodhya hilltop. The best route to reach the Ajodhya hilltop is via Sirkabad road. Ajodhya Pahar, a key spot on Ajodhya hills, is 40 km away from Purulia. You can stop at the Khairabera dam on your way to Ajodhya hills to enjoy the view and click some great pictures. 

Ajodhya Hills bengal

After visiting the nearby places and climbing the hilltop to get a bird’s eye view of the region, you can take out your camera to show off your photography skills. For beginner-level rock climbers, Ajodhya hill is a picture-perfect place. You can try your hands at several adventurous activities while exploring the Ajodhya hills.

There are several other places to explore in the region that holds great religious significance. Among the most popular places to visit in the region is Sita Kund, also known as Burburidham. As per the legend, the kund (a water body) was created by Lord Ram himself to quench the thirst of Goddess Sita during their stay in Dandak during the year of exile. 

The locals consider the water of Sita Kund to be holy and drink from the kund. 

After visiting the Sita Kund, you can next explore the forest cover nearby, where you can witness nature flourishing in full might. 

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Another key place to visit in the region is Kalipahar. It is another popular hill beside the Ajodhya Hills. Kalipahar is higher than Ajodhya hills. When compared to Ajodhya Hills, the view from Kalipahar is much better due to its height. However, there are limited stay options at Kalipahar. This is the region that tourists prefer to stay at Ajodhya Hills. 

You can also explore the local market to try some delicious local food. Another great place to explore in the region is the Purulia Ajodhya Pahar (mountain). It is a great place for sightseeing. 

Visiting the Marble Lake

marble lake

Marble Lake is among the most popular tourist attractions in the region. Located a few kilometers away from the area where hotels are situated, the lake offers a great view of scenic landscapes. However, the condition of the roads is not very good. But bike riders will certainly like the off-roading experience. The lake is surrounded by several hills. It was created because of the cutting of stones when constructing the upper dam and lower dam. The color of the lake is Black. 

Bamni Falls

bamni falls

Another major tourist attraction in the region is Bamni Falls. A perfect relaxing spot for nature lovers, the cascading waterfall forms a lake at the point it falls, making it a wonderful spot to relax. There are nearly 800 steps that you need to step down to reach the bottom and get a perfect view of the waterfall.