Thrissur is another city in Kerala that has a lot to offer to tourists. Thrissur is the short name for Thrisshivaperur. Another name for Thrissur was Trichur. Known for the famous Thrissur Pooram festival, the city is built around a 65-acre hillock called Thekkinkaadu Maidaanam. Thrissur is 304 km northwest of the capital city of Trivandrum.

Thrissur holds great historical significance as it once served as the capital of the kingdom of Cochin. The city is a cultural and spiritual hub, and hence, it is also known as the “Cultural Capital of Kerala.” It has historically been an important center for the followers of Shaivism. It remains to be a center of cultural and religious importance even today.

Thrissur has everything it takes to call it a solo traveler’s paradise. One can learn a lot about the culture of Kerala while exploring different sites, including the magnificent beaches, waterfalls, viewpoints, backwater, historic temples, and a basilica. Thrissur’s colors are a blend of ancient structures and modern-day architecture. The city also houses an elephant sanctuary named Punnathur Kotta, where you can make friends with the gentle giants. 

The journey time from Trivandrum to Thrissur is nearly 7 hours. However, the city is just 85 km from Kochi and the travel time is merely 2 hours. 

Top Tourist Places of Thrissur you cannot miss…

Vilangan Kunnu: 

Vildangan kunnu

A popular picnic spot, Vilangan Kunnu, is located nearly 9 km from the city bus stand. Vilangan Kunnu is a breathtaking hillock in the city that provides a bird’s eye view of the majestic green cover of the entire city. Spread across an area of 5 acres, the hilltop is simply the best place to gaze at the city’s natural beauty from a comfortable height. The entry fee for adults is just Rs.10. It is also one of the best places to click amazing pictures of the town with a top view.

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Punnathur Kotta: 

tourist places of thrissur

Punnathur Kotta has been getting a lot of tourist attention in the recent past. Located close to the Guruvayoor Temple, it is an elephant sanctuary where you can spot these gentle giants living freely in a green and clean surroundings. The place initially belonged to a local ruler but has now been converted into a sanctuary. It houses at least 59 of these beautiful giants. Elephants here are trained to participate in several festivals. The place is located nearly 29 km from the bus stand, and the entry fee is Rs. 10. Rs. 25 is charged for taking a camera with you.

Athirappilly Waterfalls: 

Athirapilly waterfalls

Located amidst a dense green cover and numerous valleys, the 80 feet tall waterfall creates a cascading effect when falling down with an impressive width of 330 ft. It is one of the must visit places in Thrissur. The waterfall is located nearly 60 km from the city bus stand. The waterfall is a dream location for nature photography enthusiasts. It is located on the Chalakudy river. Athirappilly Waterfalls is ideal for group trips, and the entry fee for an adult is Rs. 15.

Chavakkad Beach: 

Chavakkad beach

There is an abundance of beaches in Kerala, and Thrissur also has its fair share of beaches. Chavakkad Beach is the most popular beach in the town. Located 28 km from the city bus stand, the beach can be reached by local taxi, bus, or auto rickshaw. Chavakkad is an ideal spot for a honeymoon, family holidays, and friend’s day out, Earning its beauty from the golden sand beach. There are many unique properties to this beach, and one of those properties is that there’s a point where a river meets the sea, forming an estuary. The cleanliness of this place despite such a huge tourist crowd is simply amazing.

Dolours Basilica: 

Dollars bascilla

Dolours Basilica is one of the tourist hotspots in Thrissur. Also known as the Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours, Dolours Basilica is one of the most unique buildings in the city with a completely distinct architecture. Located in the middle of a lush green valley, the entire complex covers roughly 25,000 sq feet. It is the third tallest church in Asia and the largest church in the country, with double-storeyed aisles. The Basilica has located just 1.6 km from the city bus stand, and you can visit it at the end of the day to end the trip.

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Chettuva Backwater: 

chettuva backwaters

Because it’s not a trip to Kerala without a visit to the backwaters. Chettuva Backwater is a living example of how beautiful mother nature can be. It’s more beautiful than imagination and serves as a perfect spot for a relaxing holiday. The backwater starts from the Enamakkal Lake and goes to an estuary at the point where it meets the Arabian Sea. The mangroves here are one of the top attractions. Chettuva Backwater is 30 km from the city bus stand.