Yercaud is a hill station town in Tamil Nadu, a southern Indian state. It is located in the Shevaroy Hills, famed for its orange groves, coffee plantations, and fruit and spice farms. There is a boathouse on Yercaud Lake, which is bordered by gardens and trees. Anna Park, located on the lake’s eastern coast, features native vegetation and a Japanese garden with bonsai trees. Lady’s Seat has a watchtower with a telescope to the southwest.

Yercaud offers some of the best scenic features that will stay with you for the rest of your life, solely for your recreational well-being. So, here are some of the most popular spots to visit that you should definitely see throughout your vacation.

Even if you are pressed for time, you must visit some of the highlighted Yercaud locations.

Emerald Lake

emerald lake

Yercaud Lake and Big Lake are other names for Emerald Lake. It is 1.5 kilometers from the Yercaud Bus Station. A fun day out with the family at Yercaud Lake is the best way to spend your vacation. Yercaud Lake is unique in that it is the only naturally occurring mountain lake in South India. The fountains surrounding the lake are beautiful, and the 20-minute boat ride is sure to please. One of the highlights of this location that makes it a must-see is the children’s play area.

  • Yercaud is located on the Salem-Yercaud Ghat Road.
  • Hours of operation: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • There is no entry cost.

Lady’s Seat

lady's seat

Lady’s Seat is always a popular choice when discussing vistas and vantage points. Great views of the hill in front and some neighboring eateries account for this place where the world is green and beautiful. The stunning views of Salem City and the enthralling sunset vistas make it an ideal addition to any bucket list! Have you already made a note of it?

  • Lady’s Seat Road in Yercaud is the location.
  • 7 am – 7 pm (All days of the week)
  • There is no entry cost.

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Rose Garden

rose garden

The rose garden is a well-known location where visitors may see a wide variety of rose varietals. This is close to Lady’s Seat, one of the best spots to visit with family in Yercaud. The numerous routes are intended for you to enjoy a pleasant evening stroll. The surroundings also exude a picnic mood, so you can anticipate having a great day with friends or family. Picnicking is one of the nicest activities to do because it is a hill station.

  • Lady’s Seat Road in Yercaud, India
  • 8 am to 6 pm (All days of the week)
  • The entry fee is INR 30.

Pagoda Point

pagoda point

A vacation to Yercaud isn’t complete until you’ve made it all the way to Pagoda Point. The high platform on the eastern Yercaud Hills, about 4.5 kilometers from the main bus stop, offers panoramic views of the surroundings. The Pagoda Point, one of the most famous spots to visit, was formerly erected by Tamil Nadu’s native tribes. Pyramid Point was named from the four stone heaps that formed the shape of a pyramid.

Sri Rama Temple near Pagoda Point is an ideal tourist spot atop the hills for those seeking quiet and seclusion! It is recommended that you visit before 7 p.m. to get the best views of nature.

  • Yercaud Hills are located in Yercaud, India.
  • Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • No admission charge is required.

32-kilometer Loop Road

3 km loop road

Travelers have conflicting feelings about this 32-kilometer route that bends and turns dangerously to showcase the gorgeous scenery of Yercaud. The surroundings and majestic environment are ideal for a hike as well.

Center. Make sure to bike this wonderful route that runs through the center of Yercaud. Hairpin turns, barricades on either side and coffee plantations dot the route, making it an ideal driving stretch! It will undoubtedly put your driving skills to the test.

  • 32-kilometer Loop Road
  • Timings: Throughout the day
  • There is no entry cost.

Bear’s Cave

bear's cave

The Bear’s Cave, one of the most popular spots to visit in Yercaud, is submerged about 7 feet below the earth. The cave is located near the Norton Bungalow in a private coffee estate. The cave is located on the way to the Servarayan shrine and was previously home to bears. However, the estate’s owner has been gracious enough to invite visitors, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Yercaud.

  • Private coffee estate near the Norton Bungalow in Yercaud.
  • Hours of operation: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • There is no entry cost.

Killiyur Waterfalls

killiyur waterfalls

The Killiyur Waterfalls are located in the Servarayan Hill range of the Eastern Ghats, 4 kilometers from the Yercaud Bus Stand. The waterfalls are one of the most popular sites to visit in Yercaud, located in the Salem area. They are a perfect place to find some peace with yourself in the middle of nature.

The water from Killiyur Falls rushes from an elevation of 300 feet in Kiliyur Valley, creating a magnificent spectacle. The waterfall is a 2-kilometer hike from the vehicle drop-off location. Tourists are not permitted to view the waterfalls after 6 p.m.

  • Killiyur Road, Pattipadi, Tamil Nadu 636601.
  • 8 am to 6 pm (All days of the week)
  • There is no entry cost.

Shevaroy Hills

shevaroy hills

Shevaroy Hills, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Yercaud, is a tall mountain range located primarily in the Eastern Ghats of Yercaud. The hills are home to some of Yercaud’s oldest hotels, homestays, and cottages. The hill has a lovely feel, with beautiful forest cover, a plateau, and different wildlife zones. This is a good place to unwind and breathe in some fresh air, plus it’s far enough away from the noise and bustle. The British had a terrific time growing all of the coffee at the huge expanse of plantations and estates that you may tour.

  • Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, 636602
  • Timings: The temple is open from 6 am to 9 pm
  • There is no entry cost.

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Botanical Garden – A Tranquil Place

botanical garden, yercaud

There appears to be a deluge of green and calm locations to visit, with so many opportunities to breathe clean air. Visit the Botanical Garden, maintained by the Botanical Survey of India, to dazzle your eyes. This is one of the most naturally beautiful sites in Yercaud, with 3000 trees and 18000 plants distributed across 18 hectares of ground. As a tourist or a local, you can undoubtedly get a break here.

  • Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, is the location.
  • 8 am to 6 pm
  • The entry fee is INR 30.

Anna Park 

anna park, yercaud

Anna Park is another lovely natural location amid town. It is a public park with picnic areas, a children’s play area, a tranquil lake, and various vegetation. Flower shows are held in the park during the summer months. Take in some fresh air while strolling, admiring the scenery, and photographing the vast natural biodiversity. It is one of the best sites to visit in Yercaud with children.

  • Ondikadai is located on the Salem – Yercaud Ghat Road in Yercaud.
  • 9:30 am to 6 pm (All days of the week)
  • INR 15 is the entry fee.