Jaipur, also known as the Pink city of India, is the capital and the largest city of Rajasthan. The 10th biggest city by population, Jaipur is famous for its historical monuments, palaces, traditional buildings, and Rajasthani dishes. Located just 268 away from Delhi, Jaipur can be reached after 5 to 6 hours of drive. The city has a vibrant royal history and heritage. It was founded by King Jai Singh II in 1727. Jaipur is regarded as one of the earliest planned cities of modern India. Apart from being capital and having a rich royal heritage, Jaipur is also a cultural hub encapsulating different flavors of Rajasthani culture within its boundaries. 

It is not just a city but one of the few places that have been named a world heritage site by UNESCO. Rajasthan is easily accessible from different parts of the country. That is why it serves as a gateway to other tourist destinations in the state. Rajasthan is a very diverse state, and there’s more to it than the mighty Thar and the delicious Ghewar. For those living in Jaipur or planning to visit Jaipur, we have compiled a list of places near Jaipur that you can explore in a minimum time. 

Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh is a name on the checklist for some and a nightmare for some others. The Bhangarh Fort is regarded as the most haunted place in the country. Located 85 km away from Jaipur, Bhangarh Fort is located in the Alwar district and remains a popular attraction for thrill-seekers. However, entry inside the fort is barred after the sunset due to the horror stories. The 17th-century fort is mainly in the news for paranormal activities related to it. You can reach Bhangarh from Jaipur by bike or car.

Sambhar Lake

Sambhar Lake is the largest inland salt lake in the country. The lake is located 96 km away from Jaipur. It is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Jaipur. The best time to visit the lake is from October to March. The vast white stretch of the lake is a treat to the eyes. Youngsters from in and around the city come here during the weekends to click pictures and spend quality time. You can enjoy local dishes at the nearby Sambar village. 

Achrol Fort

Achrol fort is one of the many forts in the state that gets its glory from the towering stone walls, intricate carvings, and mountainous surroundings. The fort is located amidst lush green valleys and some more Havelis. It was once home to the Achrol Thikana Family. The fort acted as a strategic spot for military activities in the 1500s. Located 34.5 km away from Jaipur, the fort and its surroundings can be explored in a day. It is also a great sport for clicking some pictures with historic structures in the background. 

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is a haven for wildlife lovers, and it is located just 190 km away from Pink city. The national park, which is also one of the most famous tiger reserves in the country, is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. Apart from bird watching and getting a glimpse of different animals, you can try your hands into activities like Safari ride. The nearby Ranthambore fort is another point of attraction for tourists.


Pushkar is one of the most colorful, vibrant, and culturally rich towns in the state. Pushkar is located 145 km away from Jaipur and just 15 km away from Ajmer. It is a place that holds religious and spiritual importance. People from all parts of the country arrive here to get a glimpse of the magnificent Pushkar Mela organized every year. Walking through the city’s markets and clicking pictures in front of different colored backgrounds are some of the exciting activities that you can indulge in. 


Neemrana is one of the most picturesque and scenic places in the state. Neemrana is an ancient town in Alwar that is a perfect weekend getaway. The town is known for its magnificent hills, pleasant climate, delicious food, and enchanting greenery. The breathtaking view of the Neemrana Fort is one of the best views in the state. The Vinay Vilas Malas boasts of historical richness and artistic architecture. Neemrana is located nearly 126 km away from Jaipur.


Alwar, which has several weekend getaways nearby, is itself a popular tourist attraction. Located 166 km away from Delhi, Alwar holds tremendous historical and cultural significance. Alwar Museum, Alwar Fort, Siliserh Lake Palace, Sariska Palace, and Bala Qila fort are some of the spots in the city that are worth visiting. Visiting these places can bring you close to the region’s history. You can indulge in several adventure activities that include taking a jeep safari at Sariska National Park or taking a banana boat ride in Siliserh Lake.