Looking for a hill station to spend an amazing vacation? Then a perfect destination in Himachal Pradesh is waiting only for you, and that destination is none other than Dalhousie. The destination is the hub of natural beauty. Dalhousie, located in the district of Chamba at an elevation of around 2,000 meters, is the heaven residing on earth when it comes to scenic beauty.

Dalhousie is nestled at the western end of the Dhauladhar range of mountains and is surrounded by astounding snow-capped mountains. The name of the place, Dalhousie, already indicates its founder, i.e., Lord Dalhousie, the famous British Governor-General in India. Also, Dalhousie has that capability that will take you back to the colonial period as the place has so many colonial buildings, Victorian-style mansions, Scottish architecture, and quaint churches that offer the perfect feel of the Colonial period.

Dalhousie is spread over 14 square kilometers and includes five hills in it, namely- Bakrota, Katalog, Balun, Tehra, and Patreyn. The destination, Dalhousie, is framed by the river Ravi flowing at the base of the town. Dalhousie is the perfect destination for a honeymoon. It offers spellbinding views of the majestic snow-capped mountains range of Pir Panjal, located in Jammu and Kashmir, Sach Pass, and Chamba’s Pangi valley.

Dalhousie offers a memorable trip for the lifetime by catering to its tourists’ needs, from the serenity and calmness in the environment to the treasure of art and culture. Dalhousie is an ideal destination if you want to spend a relaxing and distressing vacation. The summers in Dalhousie are quiet and pleasant, while winters are chilly.

So, if you are also interested in planning your next vacation or trip to Dalhousie, then we are here to help. So, pack your bags and plan your destination, but before that, check out the list of must-visit places in Dalhousie so that you should not miss one!


subash baolil

Subhash Baoli is something that you cannot miss when you are in Dalhousie. The place is just a kilometer away from the Dalhousie. It is named after the famous freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose. He once visited the perennial spring in the year 1937, when he was recuperating from tuberculosis. It is said that Subhash Chandra Bose stayed there for seven months and drank water from the spring.

That water has the healing power and hence cured the deadly disease of Subhash Chandra Bose. Apart from its healing properties, Subhash Baloi is known for its scenic beauty. The place is surrounded by pine trees and snow-capped mountains that make it a perfect picnic spot. Here you can stroll in the woods, enjoy a dip in cold and sparkling water, or you can even meditate in the serene environment of the place. Also, the place has so many dhabas, fast food stalls that sell local food and drink, and tea stalls.

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kalatop wildlife reserve

In Dalhousie, you cannot miss the Kalatop Wildlife reserve. It is located between the Dalhousie and Chamba. The sanctuary is spread over 3069 hectares. The Sanctuary is situated at an altitude somewhere between 1185 meters and 2768 meters. The sanctuary is home to almost 15 villages. The sanctuary is irrigated by so many tributaries of Ravi. The lush greenery and snow-capped mountains all around the sanctuary will definitely leave you spellbound.

The views of Pir Panjal from the sanctuary are literally mesmerizing. The sanctuary is also popular for trekking. Even strolling in the jungles of the sanctuary offers breathtaking views. Also, there is an enchanting meadow with velvety grass surrounded by tall deodar with snow-capped mountains in the background. Don’t miss this place while you are in Dalhousie.


panch pula, dalhousie

Panch Pula translates to 5 bridges in Hindi and is located about 3 kilometers away from the Dalhousie. Is it an ideal picnic spot for tourists and is super popular for its scenic beauty? The place is known for its gushing streams and sparkling waterfalls. For the nearby town and villages, the streams are only the water source. There is another tourist attraction in the Samadhi area or a monument built in the memory of Sardar Ajith Singh, a great freedom fighter.

The monument is located at the point where the streams converge. In monsoons, the place is a real heaven on the earth. It is also a popular trekking destination and serves as a base camp for close places. The most important part of the place is a stream called Satdhara spring, whose water is said to have healing properties and is very efficient in curing skin ailments.


moti tibba

It is a must-visit place in the Dalhousie. The hilltop is a beautiful corner to experience paradise. The place is perfect for nature lovers and photographers. The serenity, peace, and beauty will give you immense pleasure and treat your eyes the best. The aroma of the forest adds to the treat like a cherry on the top. Words description cannot justify the beauty and pleasure of the place. Strolling here will make you feel rejuvenated by the pleasant and calmness of the environment. Even the snowfall during winters makes the place heaven and a dream place to visit. Don’t forget to bring your cameras to the place and thank me later!


barkota hills

Situated 5 kilometers away from Dalhousie, the Barkota hills are known for their picturesque scenic beauty. The hills are located at an elevation of 2085 meters. A mall named the same Barkota is 5 kilometers long and is circled around the hills. The place can rejuvenate and refresh the mind by providing majestic views of the Himalayas. Barkota Hills is one of the most visited places in the town. Tourists flock here almost throughout the year. In winters, the place gets covered with a thick blanket of snow.

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bara pathar

Bara Pathar is also one of the most visited places in Dalhousie. The place is famous for its temple that is dedicated to Bhulawi Mata. The place is perfect for experiencing the spiritual vibes. The place is located on the way to Kalatop and is about 4 kilometers away from Dalhousie. The landscape of the place is so mesmerizing and sends positive vibes. A fair is also organized by the local people in July and is a major attraction for the tourists. The temple is said to be 150 years old. The place will offer you the perfect serene environment that will leave you in awe.