Hawaii, the sun-drenched archipelago is one of the perfect destinations to spend a perfect dramatic tropical vacation. This perfect holiday destination comprises eight major and stunning islands that are surrounded by so many bays, inlets, and atolls that too in the world’s heart’s largest ocean, the Pacific ocean. Hawaii promises its visitors the best of it and, the long sunny days on the beaches and infinite water sports in the warm tropical water, but trust me, there is much more to witness in Hawaii.

The charms of Hawaii are profound and mesmerizing. Hawaii knows well how to serve its visitors with its best, from soaring over scalloped mountains to strolling around the iconic beaches and learning to hula. Hawaii has a full whole bucket of memories to offer every visitor. So, let’s know more about this dramatic and picturesque destination.



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Visiting Hawaii and not witnessing its one of the least developed islands is a mere injustice to the destination. Not every island of Hawaii is developed at the same pace and Molokai is the least among them all, but is the most scenic island in the state. Molokai is known for its unique history and is also known as the Friendly Isle. One of the most famous attractions on this island is the Kalaupapa National Historical Park, which was once the Leeper colony. The pristine and undeveloped beauty of Molokai will definitely leave you spellbound. Also, here you can try hiking in Palau State park or can spend some quality time at Papohaku beach.

Kaanapali Beach

kaanapali beach
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Kaanapali beach is on the western coast of Maui, which is found just outside the hub of tourists Lahaina. The beach runs from Black Rock to Canoe Beach. One of the top things to witness here on the stunning and gorgeous white sand beach is the exemplary rock monuments. Many of the rock monuments have religious and historic significance to the locals living there. Pu ‘u Keka’ is the black rock here and is the most famous among them. Also, the beach offers a mesmerizing boardwalk just over 2 miles long. During this walk you can stroll and admire the spellbinding views of the Pacific ocean.

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Volcanoes National Park

volcanoes national park
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How can one miss the Volcanoes National Park while being in Hawaii? The national park is located on the big island of Hawaii and offers unique and picturesque views of an active volcano system where lava fissures in the earth. The surroundings of the park are shaped by the cooled lava rocks which were flowed towards the road, portraying the unstoppable force of lava. The centerpiece of the park,

Kilauea was active recently in the month of January 2021, and hence resulted in a lava lake. There are certain things to do and witness in the park, such as Thruston Lava Tube, Devastation Trail, and Halemaúmaú crater. During the active period of the volcanoes, tourists might experience the thrill of witnessing the seismic activities. However, during the time of active volcanoes, the place remains close for the visitors as it can pose a threat.

Na Pali Coast

na pali coast
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In Hawaii, on the island of Kauai or Garden Isle, you can witness and explore the famed Na Pali Coast. Along with the coast, you can witness the sheer cliffs that are covered in the lush green vegetation drop off rapidly, meeting the sands of private, scheduled beaches. The scene of the coast is like nowhere else on the planet. Moreover, coast serves as a filming location of Jurassic Park and many other movies too. You can trek among the cliffs if you head for the trails in the Na Pali Coast State Park. Here you can also go for some adventurous activities.

Waimea Canyon

waimea canyon
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Another amazing destination just a few miles inland from the Na Pali Coast. Also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, it is one of the amazing places to visit Hawaii. The staggering size draws definite parallels to the Grand Canyon. The canyon is one of the amazing places to witness in Hawaii. Here, clouds often roll in the afternoon, hence the best time to witness this amazing place in the morning. Here you can also enjoy the experience of camping.


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A trip to Honolulu is completely incomplete without visiting Honolulu. This is by far the largest city in the island chain, the state capital, and a bustling and exciting place to pay a visit. Here, there is no shortage of engaging activities. To get the witness the amazing views of Honolulu climb to the top of the Diamond Head Crater, which overlooks Waikiki. And yes! Don’t forget to visit Pearl Harbor, where the USS Arizona Memorial is the poignant centerpiece.