The game, called “Holiday Heist,” offers vacation packages at “unbelievably low prices,” and if one has a knack for bidding correctly, they can take a trip to God’s own country “at incredibly low prices,” according to a statement from the Kerala Tourism Department on Sunday.

The Kerala government has proposed yet another innovative plan to draw visitors from all across the country and overseas with the promise of low-cost vacation packages through a bidding process.

This comes after the state planned to popularize various scenic locations in the state that have been featured in hit movies to promote its tourism sector.

The press announcement stated that the game, which is powered by WhatsApp, “offers a thrilling bidding experience where the winners can actually steal tour packages showcasing Kerala’s globally acclaimed captivating destinations.”

The idea behind the game is “lowest unique bidding,” where players compete to win travel packages with their lowest offers made in the most creative ways, according to the statement.

“We have unlocked Holiday Heist as a cutting-edge tool to redefine tour package promotions, inspiring tactical thinking, creativity, and a spirit of adventure,” the company claims.

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“Stealing a package doesn’t simply require placing high bids; it also requires placing unusually low bids! The statement quotes tourist Minister P A Mohamed Riyas as saying, “As the exclusive WhatsApp campaign by Kerala Tourism, it also marks a historic milestone for tourist departments in the country.

This bidding game, which differs from regular auctions in that it rewards strategic thinking and inventiveness, will highlight each player’s individuality, according to the statement.
The platform for the game is Maya, Kerala Tourism’s official WhatsApp chatbot (7510512345), according to a press release.

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The chatbot, which was introduced in March 2022, claimed to have more than 1.5 lakh contacts and more than three lakh ongoing discussions.

According to the press release, as part of the game, Maya will issue new tour packages every day for 30 days. Users must place intelligent bids to win, with new opportunities to win every day of the month.

The advertisement read, “With 30 alluring packages up for grabs, the bidders can look for a dream Kerala holiday.”

Maya stated that on the first day after the game’s launch, it got a staggering 50,000 bids, with the lucky winners winning goods worth 30,000 rupees for an amazing 5 rupees.

Send Maya the message “Holiday Heist” to enter the bidding game. Then, choose the day’s package and begin bidding, it said.
Every day after 3 PM, the winning bid will be revealed, it was said.
According to the press release, to play the game, go to