Lohaghat, one of Uttarakhand’s most tranquil and restful tourist places, is an amazing place to spend your holidays or vacation. Lohaghat is far from the maddening crowd and is the best option to escape from the chaos of the city and hustling-bustling life. Lohaghat is seated at the banks of the Lohawati river, and that too on the elevation of 1754 millimeters. However, it is a lesser-known destination, but once you visit it, you could not stop yourself from falling in love with Lohaghat.

To explore Lohaghat and spend some quality time in the lap of nature is something that most of us crave. Lohaghat is one of the best solutions to this craving. Lohaghat is a hillside town in the Champawat district of the Kumaon region. Moreover, Lohaghat has some mythological importance and hence attracts most tourists with its beautiful temples that hold great importance. Apart from the spiritual sites, Lohaghat has so many other places to visit in and around it.


The whole town of Lohaghat is covered with the thick Oak and Deodar forests, which adds to the scenic beauty of Lohaghat. The more charm to the town of Lohaghat is added by the Galchaura and Khadi Bazaar. These scenic views of Lohaghat make it one of the ideal places for lovers of nature tourism seeking to savor the beauty of the Himalayas. Another interesting thing related to Lohaghat is its grand celebration of Holi and Janmashtami festivals.

This blog will guide you the best if you are also keen to plan a trip to Lohaghat, so keep reading!


The town of Lohaghat can be easily visited throughout the year. However, the ideal seasons to visit Lohaghat are summers and winters.

SUMMER- The summers in Lohaghat begins in April and lasts till the end of June. 

During these months, the temperature ranges between 15 degrees centigrade and 25 degrees centigrade. The weather remains pleasant, and hence it is the ideal season to visit the town.

MONSOON- During the monsoons, Lohaghat experiences heavy rainfall. The monsoons step in July and end in September. Due to the heavy rainfall, there is a chance of road blockage and landslides. Hence, it is advisable to check out the weather forecast before heading to Lohaghat in the monsoons.

lohaghat winters

WINTER- Winters in Lohaghat begins in October and lasts till March. The overall weather during these months remains chilly and idyllic for tourism. And the temperature during these months remains between 2 degrees centigrade to 10 degrees centigrade.

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The town of Lohaghat is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from Champawat. It is not that typical to reach the destination. Lohaghat can be conveniently reached by rail and air, but the best way to reach Lohaghat is by road.

BY AIR- The nearest airport from Lohaghat is the Patnanagar Airport, situated 182 kilometers. From there you can hire a cab or taxi to reach the destination of Lohaghat easily.

BY RAIL- Lohaghat can be easily reached by rail too. The closest railway station to Lohaghat is Tanakpur Railway station. The station is situated 87 kilometers away from the town. Once you reach that station, you can hire a cab or taxi to reach the destination.

BY ROAD- Another way to reach Lohaghat is by road as there is a major road network from the major northern cities and states to Lohaghat. Even buses are easily available from ISBT Anand Vihar, Delhi to Tanakpur or Lohaghat. You can also drive to Lohaghat by your own vehicle easily too as the roads are well constructed.


You can easily find accommodations in Lohaghat. There are so many options available to choose from. There are cottages, guesthouses, and some in-budget hotels available for the visitors. Moreover, there are some government-owned KMVN too where you can find the accommodations easily.

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VANSUR KA KILA (Bansur Fort)

vansur ka kila

Vansur ka Kila is one of the best places to pay a visit in Lohaghat. The fort rests at the height of 1859 meters and is found on the route known as Bhowali, which is famous for the tale of the killing of Vanasur. The best part of this fort is that the river Lohawati originates from this fort. The fort holds both historical and mythological importance. The spot tells well the story of the legend of Banasur.



This small and pretty village in Lohaghat will steal your heart with its beauty. This village is met with the view of two rivers, Kali and Saryu, intertwining that renders a beautiful scene. The place is free from pollution and the hustle-bustle of city life. Even there is a Shiva temple in the town that is a major attraction for the tourists. Here you can witness the beauty of nature with calmness and serenity.


abbot mountains

The beautiful, gorgeous, sleepy, pleasing, and quaint is one of the best sites to pay a visit to during your trip to Lohaghat. The views of the prominent Himalayan Peaks from the hills are just a delight for the eyes. The tranquillity and serenity of the hills will take you to another world of imagination and calmness. There is a church in the midst of looming, one of the best spots to spend quality time. So, don’t miss this heaven on earth while being in Lohaghat.