Pelling, sitting in the lap of nature in West Sikkim, is a cultural entertainment and a tranquil hideaway. Pelling could be a pretty city in West Sikkim, far-famed for its gorgeous views of Kinchinjunga and therefore the Himalayas. Pelling, settled at an associate degree elevation of 6800ft from sea level, is a perfect location for exploring mountain chain views while not experiencing the harshness of the high mountains. Aside from mountain trekking, this can be the nearest read accessible. Pelling, that is found one hundred fifteen kilometers from Gangtok, is additionally far-famed for its cultural heritage and history.

Pelling, once Gangtok, has deservedly emerged as the second most well-liked traveller destination in Sikkim. It has plenty to supply nature lovers, culturists, and concrete travelers alike, and it is a good option for a cool summer break on a vacation trip. It’s very little over a number of roads flanked by hotels and homestays giving views of Mount Kanchenjunga. However, if you travel to most parts of the city, you’ll notice monasteries, waterfalls, temples, and lakes at intervals of a brief distance. Nature altogether its splendor surrounds Pelling.

To explore this magic destination, are some things that’s price desire. Thus we’ve brought an ideal travel guide to Pelling in order that you don’t take the pain of coming up with a visit to Pelling. So, let’s begin with the travel guide to Pelling!

Pelling, Khecheopalri lake
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The best time to go to Pelling is from March to May. Winters are cold and characterised by landslides and snow Because of the region’s mountainous piece of ground, Fall is additionally an attractive time to go to, with its own set of fall colours. Fall runs from Oct to November when in the Gregorian calendar month, winter formally arrives. The monsoon season is the most inconvenient, because the region receives significant rainfall and lots of roads are closed.


Pelling is well connected by road to the Bagdogra aerodrome, in addition to the railway stations in Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri. You’ll be able to take a neighborhood taxi from here to Pelling. it’s conjointly connected by road to Gangtok and alternative cities in Sikkim.

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Sangachoeling Monastery

Pelling, Sangachoeling monastery
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Sangachoeling Monastery, that was built in the seventeenth century, could be a major stop on the Buddhist journeying circuit. The trail to the current cloister winds through dense forest and up and downhills. The view from the cloister is definitely worth the journey. Sangachoeling, one of the foremost widespread places to go to in Pelling,  that ought to be in your Pelling itinerary.

Darap Village

darap village, Pelling
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Darap, a culturally made village, is quickly turning into a well-liked homestay destination for tourists visiting Pelling. Several ethnic teams, as well as Bhutias, Tamangs, Chhetris, and Gurungs, board the village. The realm is step by step developing, and because of its pristine beauty and straightforward accessibility, it’s quickly turning into a traveler’s favorite.

You’ll be able to relax within the lovely homestays, or if you wish to urge out and concerning, you’ll be able to do things like hiking, visiting the two centuries-old Limboo house, bird looking, and splashing within the several streams in Darap.

Sewaro Rock Garden

Pelling, Sewaro rock garden
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Sewaro Rock Garden could be a widespread picnic spot and one in every of the must-see attractions in Pelling. It’s the best spot for families, couples, and friends to have a decent time, take footage, and easily hear nature’s songs. It’s dotted with streams, fountains, gardens, and alternative options. Do not miss out on the Maghe Mela on Gregorian calendar month fourteenth. Maghe Mela, conjointly referred to as Maghe Sankranti, could be a major competition within the region. It’s primarily a spiritual celebration throughout which individuals take holy baths within the stream. Tourists may participate in a form of activities as a part of the celebrations.

Singshore Bridge

Pelling, Singshore bridge
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Singshore, Sikkim’s highest bridge, stands 198 meters on top of the bottom. It’s conjointly one in every of Asia’s highest gorge bridges, guaranteeing spectacular views and unimaginable clickable sights. Singshore Bridge has become a well-liked traveller attraction in Pelling as a result of its enclosed by lush inexperienced hills dotted with waterfalls. Taking within the breathless views from Singshore Bridge is beyond any doubt one of the simplest things to try to do in Pelling.

Rimbi falls

Pelling, Rimbi waterfalls
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Rimbi Waterfall, another lovely place to go to in Pelling, is simply a sight to see. The gleaming falls flow into the Rimbi watercourse, which is widespread among locals and tourists for swimming and fishing. Whether you go fishing or not, strive for a neighbourhood preparation of Assala–a sort of fish found solely here. Throughout the monsoon season, the water current within the watercourse and round the fall will increase. It’s suggested that we should not visit the falls during this time of the year.

Kanchenjunga Fall

Pelling, Kanchenjunga falls
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This mountain chain stream sings a song you’ll be wanting to concentrate on once more and once more because it cascades all the way down to the bottom. Kanchenjunga Fall, a well-liked traveller destination in Sikkim, could be a must-see place in Pelling. It’s solely an hour away and follows a really scenic route. The rocky path that results in the autumn permits you to urge up shut and private with nature. Kanchenjunga Falls could be a year-round falls, but the monsoon season is heavenly.