Kolkata is the city of joy, sweets, culture, education and happiness. Also known as Calcutta, Kolkata is the Indian state of West Bengal. The city is located on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River. Located near the Bangladesh border, Kolkata is one of the prominent, business and commercial hubs of the country. It is the seventh most populous city in the country with people from different parts of the country living there. From the streetside Kulhad chai to the traditional Trams, everything about Kolkata is unique. Kolkata is one of the most important cities in terms of historical as well as political significance. Right from the days of freedom struggle, Kolkata has played an important role in India’s progress.

It is the most important city in the country’s east, connecting the rest of the country to the northeast. The airport in Kolkata is also among one of the major airports in the country. Kolkata also happens to be one of the culturally richest cities in the country with several notable and historic personalities coming from there. But the reasons that Kolkata is called the city of joy is mouth-watering food and scenic picnic spots. We are going to discuss 10 such places in and around Kolkata that are worth investing your time in.

Howrah Bridge

It’s good to start with the basics specially when you are travelling to a city for the first time. We have all seen the bridge in movies and TV serials. Howrah bridge is the longest cantilever steel bridge in the world. The bridge connects Howrah and Kolkata. Visiting the bridge during or after the sunset can be a pleasant experience as the natural light during the evening makes the entire scenery very delightful.

Victoria Memorial

Located in the poshest area of the city, Victoria Memorial is the most popular monument in the city. The statue is actually a memorial structure of Queen Victoria that is famous for its architectural beauty. The structure is surrounded by a clean garden where you can spend some time and click numerous pictures for your feed. 

Fort William

Fort William is another historic architecture in the city. It is also known as the “Blackhole of Calcutta”. With hundreds of windows and unique architectural design, it is one of the most beautiful historic architectures in the city. The Fort also has a garden next to it and it is a very popular weekend spot for the locals as well as those travelling from outside.

Henry’s Island

Located 126 km away from the city, the island is named after a traveller from Europe. It is a perfect destination to beat the heat and hustle and bustle of the city. The island is known for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear water. The island is located close to the Sundarbans and you can easily spot crocodiles, snakes, and deer in the region. The best time to visit the island is during the winters. 


Located on the outskirts of the city, Mandarmani is a popular resort town that is located 178 km away from the main city. The town is yet to make it to the most popular holiday destinations in the country but its scenic landscapes make it one of the most beautiful states in the state. It is a perfect spot to spend your time during a long weekend. You can also enjoy high-speed rides on the beach.


Santiniketan is a small city near Kolkata which is known by a single landmark. It was established by Maharshi Devendranath Tagore and gained prominence after his son, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore established Vishwa Bharti with an aim to establish the city as a university town. It is located between Ajay and Kopai rivers. Located amidst a dense forest, Santiniketan is a laid back destination for those searching for peace. 


Tajpur is located in Medinipur on the Bay of Bengal. It is a beach town located nearly 173 km away from Kolkata. The beaches here are dotted with eucalyptus forests and are famous for hundreds of fish farms near them. The region has several resort villages and seafood shacks nearby. It is a picturesque spot that is among some of the most beautiful places in the state.


If you want to turn back the pages of history, Barrackpore is worth visiting. It was the first place where the British established their barracks for the first time before expanding their empire in entire India that continued for 200 years. The place is located nearly 31 km away from Kolkata. This place has several gardens, museums and cathedrals that are worth exploring.

Piyali Island

Piyali Island is among the best weekend getaways in the region. The island is surrounded by Matla and Piyali rivers. The island brushes the ends of the Sundarbans and is surrounded by scenic landscapes, forests and beaches. The island is just 69 km away from the main city and the best time to visit the island is during the winters.


No travel list on West Bengal can be complete without mentioning the magnificent Sundarbans. The largest mangrove forest in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Sundarbans are located 110 km away from Kolkata and are among the most popular wildlife attraction sites in the country. While Sundarbans are a tiger reserve, you can also spot several other animals and migratory birds if you visit the place between September and March.