In India, taking a motorcycle tour is the perfect way to discover the country’s culture and adventure. Bike tours in India will take you through mountains, plateaus, deserts, forests, and a variety of terrains, allowing you to see some of the country’s best sights. Biking has advantages that no other tour can match.

It is the best way to get as close to nature as possible and explore the nooks and corners of any place, aside from unleashing their adventurous side.

Although some routes will take your breath away with breathtaking scenery, others will immerse you in their culture through food and traditional art forms. There are many motorcycle-friendly routes that anyone who can ride a bike can follow and some wild and challenging routes for the more daring bikers. Although it is important to prepare your route ahead of time, the best way to enjoy the tour is to not plan anything ahead of time and spontaneously in certain areas.

You’ll be shocked by how many low-key spots and events you can find.

From the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains to Kerala’s lush greenery, Rajasthan’s sandy deserts, and the coastal route to Pondicherry, India offers various terrains for all types of riders. Apart from the journey’s route, there are several factors to consider, including the best season to travel, the distance to be traveled, the number of days needed, and what to bring for the journey. To help you make the fittest decisions possible, we’ve put together a list of Motorcycle tours in India that you may want to consider.

Manali to Leh Motorcycle tour

Manali to leh motorcycle trip

For all the right reasons, the ride from Manali to Leh is famous. The Khardung La, Rohtang La, Gulaba, and Darcha passes are among the most beautiful journeys. Since the ride up the hills can be cold, it’s necessary to bring windproof jackets and thermal wear.

The tour allows enough time to visit all of Leh’s hotspots. Hall of Fame, Magnetic Hill, and Sangam are three that you do not skip. The tour lasts about 12 days and 11 nights in total. This is one of India’s best motorcycle tours.

Srinagar – Leh – Manali Motorcycle Expedition

Srinagar motorcycle tour

The highway between Srinagar and Leh and Manali presents its collection of difficulties. You can, however, ensure a stress-free and relaxing tour by carefully planning the journey. Travelers can pass through the Dal Lake, Kashmir’s green meadows, and the Zojila Pass along the way.

These breathtaking views will stay with you for a long time. At the numerous stops along the way, such as the Nubra Valley’s double-humped camel rides, you will be opened to a variety of cultures. This road trip is a must-do for adrenaline junkies and is one of India’s most famous motorcycle tours.

Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer Motorcycle Expedition

Thar desert Motorcycle trip

There is no better way to see this rustic city than on a bike tour through the region. The area is brimming with palaces and forts, and most tour packages include the highlights.

You will discover the city’s tiniest nooks and corners while learning about its past and heritage by taking a bike tour. This is an excellent bike tour in India for those interested in going beyond nature.

Leh Bike tour

bike tours

With its various valleys and scenic views, Leh has plenty to see and do on its own. The bike tour will take you to all of Leh’s main attractions, including the Shanti Stupa, the Leh Palace, the Ladakh Hall of Fame, and the Spituk Gumpa.

The journey will take you through the Nubra Valley and the Hunder Sand Dunes, both of which are must-see scenic areas. Exploring the region’s wildlife and nature by bike is the perfect way to do so. The motorcycle trip shall last 7 days and 6 nights. This is an excellent bike tour in India for exploring this area.

Jaipur-Udaipur-Mount Abu-Pushkar Motorcycle Expedition

Rajasthan bike tour

This biking adventure will take you to the most remote corners of Rajasthan, as well as to all of the state’s major tourist attractions. Travelers are introduced to the state’s local culture and have the opportunity to sample traditional local cuisine by driving through small villages.

A jungle safari via Ranthambore, a ride around Lake Pichola, Kumbhalgarh, and visits to various Jain temples are all recommended stops on your biking trip in this area. It is, without a doubt, one of India’s most exciting motorcycle tours. The tour is 9 days and 8 nights long.

Manali to Spiti Valley Bike Tour

spiti valley bike tour

This 12-day bike tour in Himachal Pradesh will take you through the region’s breathtaking mountains and valleys. This bike tour will visit the Chandra Taal Lake, Kee monastery, Pin Valley, Tabo, Naka, Kalpa, Sangla, and Shoja, to name a few hotspots in the area.

Camping at Chandratal Lake is a common activity, and visitors can choose a package based on their interests. The mesmerizing Himalayas will be engraved in your memory after taking this bike tour in India. If you want to go on a bike ride, you can rent a bike in Manali or carry your bike.