The Ernakulam area is located in the heart of Kochi. As a result, the word “Kochi” is frequently used interchangeably to refer to the city. The Ernakulam District is located in India’s Central Kerala region. Ernakulam, regarded as the commercial center of Kerala, is where a large portion of the business activity in Kochi city takes place. Boasting a white-sandy beach, fascinating island, history museums, and much more, Ernakulam contains an assortment of spectacular attractions.


Ernakulam has been a location of human habitation since the Stone Age. Many parts of Ernakulam have monolithic monuments such as Dolmens and rock-cut caves. In ancient and medieval times, the region played a significant role in starting trade relations between the outside world and Kerala. The early political history of Ernakulam is intertwined with that of the Chera Dynasty of the Sangam age, who ruled over vast portions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The area was afterward governed by the Kingdom of Cochin after the Cheras. Despite being under British authority, the Kingdom of Cochin transferred their capital from Mattancherry to Tripunithura around 1840.

The art, architecture, food, and communities of Ernakulam now reflect the impact of many civilizations as the Persian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Jews, French, and English.

So here is a list of tourist places of Ernakulam you can visit if you’re planning a trip somewhere

Vypeen Island

vypeen island

Vypeen is amongst the most popular Ernakulam tourism places and undoubtedly one of Kerala’s greatest treasures for the tourism industry. This peaceful island, studded with beaches, backwaters, and an assortment of restaurants and hotels, is only a short and lovely boat trip from the city. Vypeen Island is one of the finest locations to visit in Ernakulam for couples since it has a desktop-worthy landscape away from the busy surroundings.

Bolghatty Palace

bolghatty palace

Kochi’s famed Bolgatty Palace is located on the island of Bolgatty. It is one of the world’s oldest surviving Dutch palaces. The palace was erected by Dutch traders in 1744 and later expanded, and grounds were planted around it. When India gained independence from the British in 1947, the palace became state property. It was later turned into a heritage hotel resort. This palace now features a swimming pool, a 9-hole golf course, an ayurvedic center, and daily Kathakali performances, making it an ideal destination for both foreign and Indian tourists.

Museum of Mattancherry

One tour through the alleyways of Fort Kochi would undoubtedly draw you to Mattancherry, a rustic and old-fashioned neighborhood. It is believed that this Cheri (street) used to be bordered with mutton butchers. As a result, it was named “Muttoncherry,” which evolved into “Mattancherry” over time. Today, the site displays centuries-old architecture and a variety of social and cultural impressions left by visitors. Mattancherry, a government-designated heritage site, has inspired historians, filmmakers, travelers, and artists alike. This museum is one of the most well-known sights among Ernakulam tourism places.

Cherai Beach

cherai beach, tourist places of ernakulam

Cherai is a beautiful beach that borders the Vypeen island off the coast of Cochin. It is around 25 kilometers from Kochi and approximately 30 kilometers from Kochi International Airport in Nedumbassery. This beach is a famous tourist attraction, particularly among foreigners. In comparison to many other beaches in the Ernakulam region, this beach is less crowded and cleaner.

Cherai Beach is a scenic location, with Chinese fishing nets, coconut trees, and paddy fields providing the right background. Cherai Beach is a picturesque destination, with the unusual mix of the sea and the backwaters and beaches rich with seashells of all colors. You could even see a few dolphins if you’re lucky.

Princess Street

princess street

Princess Street, like MG Road, is a shopper’s paradise. The building at the end of this street is where Vasco Da Gama is said to have resided. Eateries, bookshops, cafés, and modest motels now line the route. This lively attraction is without a doubt one of the greatest locations to see in Ernakulam.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

The Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, an ecologically vulnerable region in the heart of Kochi, Kerala, has been dubbed the “Green Lung of Kochi.” The small tidal lake connects this refuge to the Kochi backwaters. Mangalavanam is a delight for all bird lovers since it is the breeding site for many exotic migratory birds. It has a total size of 2.74 hectares. Birds such as the Common Redshank, Common Greenshank, Brahminy Kite, White Breasted Waterhen, Marsh Sandpiper, and others can be seen.

Hill Palace

The Hill Palace Museum in Tripunithura, Kerala, is Kerala’s first historical museum and also the state’s largest archaeological museum. It is one of Kochi’s must-see attractions. Built in 1865, this museum contains the royal possessions of the erstwhile Maharaja of Kochi. This palace complex comprises around 49 structures across 52 acres, showcasing traditional Kerala architecture.

This complex also has a deer park, a prehistoric park, and a children’s park, in addition to the archaeological and heritage museum. This location also contains a vast range of unique medicinal plants that are produced here. This location was once the official home of the Maharaja of Cochin.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive, Kochi’s most famous and renowned hangout spot, is a backwater-facing boardwalk stretching roughly 3 kilometers. This area is a tourist hotspot because of the beautiful sunset and the fresh wind from Vembanad Lake. At night, the lights from the anchored boats and ships provide a spectacular sight. The promenade runs from the High Court Junction to the Rajendra Maidan.

The beach is lined with boat jetties. This drive includes the Rainbow Bridge, the Chinese Fishing Net Bridge, and the House Boat Bridge. The location is also a popular shopping destination for people who enjoy shopping on a budget. The Broadway of Marine Drive is home to a slew of business offices, eateries, and branded-item showrooms.