Over time, many poets, painters, and authors have been influenced by Himachal Pradesh’s beauty. Many of the cities and towns of Himachal Pradesh, such as Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Dharamsala, etc., are ranked among India’s best hill stations and are flocked all year round by visitors. Though, these hill stations are still crowded due to their enormous prominence and can seem even busier than metro cities. In Himachal Pradesh, this article is for those travelers searching for unexplored areas. In Himachal, there are many little gems that most people are ignorant about.

Many travelers are now looking for unexplored places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, as most tourists change to concrete jungles for the most part. There is so much request in Himachal for these lesser-known places that many of them are now becoming tourist destinations.

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Sach Pass and Valley Pangi

Much can’t be said about Pangi, but in various posts about the Sach Pass, Killar, Hudan, and Sural. We have already said everything I have to say about it. It is basically the last border yet to be breached by the boom in Himachal tourism. In the old days, for the Chamba Empire offenders, it used to be a place for Kala Pani (exile). Biker gangs and SUV enthusiasts ride there mostly on what they term one of the “most dangerous routes on earth to prove their mettle. I believe this, though, is just one of Pangi’s charms. In its border settlements and the sloping slopes that lead to them lies the real joy of Pangi. Soon, I will have a comprehensive guide to the valley.

How to reach Pangi: from Keylong (130 Kms) or Chamba town (160 Kms) to Killar by bus or shared vehicle. The whole day will be taken by both paths. You get local buses from Killar to the villages, and you can also go for a long walk/hike, as I have done on many occasions.

Stay in Pangi Valley: Killar is home to two hotels and one homestay. Inner villages do not have private housing, but in Hudan and Sural, there are a few government resting houses that need to be pre-booked from Chamba.

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Janjehli-Karsog-Chindi-Rohanda-Kamru Nag

Janjehli and Karsog are not far from the sites listed above, but both of them have better links and facilities. Janjehli, in particular, is a more popular tourist place with a lot of homestays. From each of these cities, you can trek to the Shikari Devi temple, or you can begin from one, do the trek, and pass on to the other town. It is very fertile and scenic in this region. Apple orchards are also common, and so are numerous ancient temples of stone. As rains make it challenging to pick the summer or post-monsoon trek for Shikari Devi. Karsog in the Monsoon, though, is a celestial scene. The trek to Kamru Nag is in the same area, but there might be confusing directions.

How to meet Janjehli or Karsog: From Mandi, you get a bus to both locations (around 90-100 KMs). Karsog is also directly linked to Shimla (110 Kms). Take the Kamru Nag bus via Mandi to Rohanda.

Where to lodge in Janjehli or Karsog: Janjehli is full of pleasant INR 300-500 homestays, which are set in the middle of apple orchards, too. There were a few not-very-sophisticated accommodations in Karsog back in 2013. Yet there must be more new stuff popping up now. You can get a simple room in Rohanda for Kamru Nag.

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Bharmour-Himachal, unexplored Himachal pradesh


Bharmour, a very tiny town with a limited number of homestays, was the ancestral capital of the Kingdom of Chamba. It is about 60 KMs from Chamba town. The launching pad for the epic pilgrimage to Lahaul is called Manimahesh Kailash Yatra and an even more, epic Kugti Pass Trek. You should find enough small hikes and detours across the country to keep yourself busy, even though you do not do the major treks. Unfortunately, at the fag end of a very long summer, We reached Bharmour. We just managed to pay a visit to Chaurasi Temple. We’ve lost the desire to try a lot, and We’ll have to go back home.

How to get to Bharmour: Chamba Bus- 60 Kms- 3 hours

Cheap hotels in Bharmour: The 500-700 range contains many hotels and homestays in Bharmour. Some of them also offer Wi-Fi free of charge. In Kugti Village, too, there ought to be an FRH.

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Valley of Sainj

The one to Shangarh Village was one of the shortest but best diversions this year for me. And in Sainj, there is far more to do. I’m adding this because its relative Tirthan Valley, which is more full of tourists and more costly, somehow overshadows Sainj. The Great Himalayan National Park’s principal components, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are Sainj and Tirthan. Sensuous meadows, temples with walls, seldom seen treks, local cultures, and anything can be seen if you can take the leap of faith.

How to enter Sainj: Buses travel to Sainj and Neil from the Aut Tunnel. Besides, you may have to search for nearby vehicles or go hiking.

Where to stay in Sainj: In Shangarh, there are lovely homestays.

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Miyar Valley

The best in both Himachal and Ladakh, Miyar gives you. It is a valley wedged between the Zanskar and Pir Panjal ranges at high altitudes. The utter bus trip through the lush Pattan Valley and then to Shukto, the last road-head, the surreal Miyar Valley, is a thrilling experience. The journey beyond it is the stuff that narcissistic fantasies are made of.

How to get to Miyar: In the morning, you get straight buses from Keylong via Trilokinath and Udaipur.

Where to stay in Miyar: Only when the bus exits and returns, the homestay is situated.

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Churah Region

Another mysterious area that remains marginally influenced is the region of Churah. It is the field after Chamba, but before the Sach Pass is reached. It has sites like Tissa (Bhanjraru), Bairagarh, Devi Kothi, etc. I have passed and stayed several times in Bairagarh en route to, or via Sach Pass back from Pangi. But Churah’s true beauty lies beyond these tiny villages in its high altitude glacial lakes such as Ghadasaru Mahadev and Mahakali lakes. To accomplish both of these, it requires a bit of trekking as well as clear air.

How to hit Churah: You can conveniently get buses to most of these locations from Chamba.

Where to stay in Churah: In Tissa (Bhanjraroo) and Bairagarh, you can find simple homestays. We are not sure about other locations.

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District Sirmaur

Sirmaur is one of the districts that has long eluded me. Finally, a not that good round was handled across this district earlier this year. I spent nights in Haripurdhar and Nahan. I passed through Renukaji as well, and I also passed through Paonta Sahib because it’s closer to Dehradun. I found that this region has a long way to go before it keeps up in tourism with the rest of the state. This is, though, what makes it uncharted. The most popular thing here is the Churdhar Trek, which can also be reached from Solan.

How to meet Sirmaur: You can get buses to Nahan from Shimla, Solan, or Dehradun. Other areas are interconnected to Nahan. Nohradhar (Churdhar Trek Base) is also related to Solan.

Where to stay in Sirmaur: There are hotels in most major cities, such as Nahan, Haripurdhar, Nohradhar, and Renukaji. But I failed to find tourist-friendly budget homestays that excel in other regions of HP.

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Lahaul is not obscure, but it is undoubtedly underestimated. People pause at Keylong to get to Ladakh. But Keylong still deserves recognition. Other than the sheer scenery of the Bhaga Valley, the ancient monasteries around Keylong merit a lot of time. There are different icons in areas like Tandi (Guru Ghantal Gompa), Sissu, and Gondhla. The Neelkanth Mahadev, high altitude lake that takes many trekking days to enter, remains the other significant attraction in Lahaul.

How to hit Lahaul: Just take the morning bus to Keylong from Kullu or Manali.

Where to stay in Lahaul: Keylong, if the budget hotels are loaded. Many of them still provide Wi-Fi free of charge.