Family is appraised as a significant part of a person’s life. There are two types of the family system, i.e., joint family and the nuclear family. A joint family is a type of family that consists of children’s, parents, uncle, aunty, grandparents, uncle-aunty children, and their offspring in one household. A nuclear family consists of parents and children in one house.

Joint Family 

Joint family

A joint family is a family which lives together, eats together, and stays together up to the 2nd generation or more. It includes parents, grandchildren, grandparents, uncle, aunty, uncle-aunty children, and sisters, known as a joint family. All kids get an equal amount of love, care, and affection from their grandparents so that they live their life with full potential.

Benefits of Joint Families

  • In joint families, Elderly parents will get support from their children. young parents will support their children with the help of grandparents 
  • When both the parents are working and busy in their professional life. Kids will be under the guidance and care of grandparents.
  • Increasing cases of child kidnapping and human trafficking are a reason for worry for the parents. This dread will be less among joint family because several members are available to take care of their children.
  • Rents will be saved. Shared monetary duties will decrease the weight on everybody in joint families. 
  • Individuals in joint families will have a lot of help during challenges. 
  • Individuals from joint families are less inclined to experience the ill effects of forlornness and gloom. 

Joint family

  • Individuals brought up in joint families can, without much of a stretch, blend with others. It’ll be extremely useful in having a functioning public activity. 
  • Capacities and celebrations will be too fun. 
  • There will be no deficiency of companions in light of having cousins in their own home. 
  • Individuals from the joint family can support day-by-day needs even in instances of unexpected occupation misfortunes. 
  • Individuals will take in the significance of the change from adolescence.

Limitations of joint families

  • As a few families live respectively, there will be many contentions in sharing family work and monetary duties, and so forth. This may affect connections. 
  • By and large, Gender division of work gives from one age to another in joint families. Thus, ladies in joint families may need to deal with the house errands, regardless of whether they are working ladies. In certain families, senior individuals don’t permit ladies of the house to have a profession. 
  • There will be less security for everybody in the family. 
  • On account of dynamic, it’ll be hard to agree because of the number of individuals included. 
  • Procuring individuals may feel that they are being underestimated by lethargic individuals from the family.

Nuclear Families 

nuclear family

Nuclear families consist of few members like children and their parents. It is also called elementary family. Comprising of a couple of grown-ups and their socially perceived kids. Ordinarily, yet not generally, the grown-ups in a family unit are hitched.

Benefits of Nuclear families

  • People tend to get more privacy in a nuclear family. There won’t be numerous contentions with more distant families as they will have many fewer prospects of contentions. 
  • It’s not difficult to persuade everybody in the family if there should arise taking choices. 
  • Family units will, in general, have more gender uniformity when contrasted with joint families since it doesn’t contain older folks to force the deep-rooted convictions on the whole family. 
  • Grown-ups in family units will figure out how to be autonomous and assume liability to help their families. A similar will be learned by children. They can undoubtedly support themselves when they relocate to another zone to live all alone. 
  • Guardians can set aside cash for the eventual fate of their children as they will have fewer costs. 

Nuclear family

Limitations of Nuclear family: – 

  • When the two guardians are working, it will be a lot hard to oversee kids. 
  • They may get segregated from more distant families. 
  • Youngsters may get pulled into negative behavior patterns and awful companions effectively when contrasted with kids with a ton of help and direction from grandparents, uncles, and aunties. 
  • Youngsters may follow a similar pattern and may leave their folks once they begin acquiring. This will cause dejection in old elderly parents.


The two sorts of families have their benefits and drawbacks. Individuals decide to have a family elementary or joint family relying upon their circumstances and individual inclinations.